[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

Yes, it seems related to WaniKani SRS Grid v5.3.

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@DaisukeJigen You script has a CSS rule for .title. Could you perhaps scope this to .srs-progress?


I’ll take a look Monday.

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There isn’t even a title class inside the SRS Grid anywhere. Either WK changed their code, or I had something in there that I removed at some point. Either way, just took the .title part out.


Thanks! :pray:t2:

Thanks, the issue addressed, ‘reviews’ appears centered:


Hi. Been using this on and off (I just switch it on when I’m curious, but don’t want all that data there all the time).
I’ve noticed that some of the squares seem to have “drifted”, specifically the ones with a border (Level up days, and today). :worried:


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Haha, what! What did you do! Ok, so what browser are you on?


Chrome (Version 86.0.4240.75, if that helps…)

I have a ton of scripts, so maybe it’s a conflict…?


It looks like this :arrow_down: script was causing problems. It actually seems really buggy.

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It’s probably a too broad CSS rule for the class marked. If you want to keep the other script you can probably just narrow the scope of that rule

Wouldn’t know how. I just deleted it. Not sure it really works anyway.


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Hi, I really like to look at my heatmap every day, but from a few days ago this error kept happening and I can’t see the heatmap anymore. Is there are problem with conflicting userscripts?

Here’s the bug:

Here’s my Tampermonkey dashboard:

it seems the style sheet (CSS) is corrupted.
Do you have enough available RAM and diskspace?

Do you have an extension which modifies the visual themes of websites? Such as stylus? Try disabling such theme extension, and reload WK’s dashboard page.

If problem remains, disable Tampermonkey via the main switch in its drop-down menu.
If the dashboard is drawn correctly, try reenabling your TamperMonkey scripts one after the other, starting with the Open Framework. Reload the page each time, and identify which script is causing the trouble.


Okay. I think it resolved itself because when I reloaded WK the script worked as before. Still, if the same error occurs again I’ll know how to troubleshoot it! Thanks!

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