[Userscript] (Update 1.5.2: Fixed script breaking on kana vocab) Levelup material overview

Hmm, the weird part is that the card does not show up at all, which looks to me like something breaks (instead of just a logic error) - can you post a screenshot of your console and any possible errors in it? (Control + Shift + I). Thanks!

@inspectatoro I’ve added a setting to enable/disable collapsing of locked items :slight_smile:

I just updated the script to the change which you just made just now and for some reason it is now showing a couple of recent fails (for 75% only).
For 50% still no bars and for all the others just the bars.

Not sure what you mean about console.
Option-Command-J (on a Mac) for JavaScriptConsole? It doesn’t bring up much.

So it has become “better” at least already - the higher the %, the less items will show up, as 99% is the strictest, so its in line with expectations that more items (or any items at all) show up with 75%. The 50% part is weird though, since it should show at least as much as 75% (does for me), and definitely should not block the bars. Weird -

And yeah, the javascript console. If there were any errors it might suggest the script fails at something and no card is generated (thus no bars either). Does anything change when in addition you select one of the other “show X” checkboxes? Thanks for helping!

Another thing to try is to delete old (and outdated) data to see if there is any corrupted/incompatible stuff. To do that, in the developer console, go to “Application”, “Local Storage”, and delete everything starting with “WKRKYTinyBars” or similar. Although that would be weird, too.

Here you go, I believe this is the information that you need.
I have many scripts running so I disabled all but this one and WK Open Framework and confirmed it’s not a conflict with anything else (still no bars on 50%).
Removed the data you suggested (not change).
Then I reenabled everything and see no error messages when on 75%.
Turn back to 50% and this is what I see in your script (means nothing to me but my instinct tells me this is identifying the problem enough for you to fix it):

Glad to help you/this community … these script have helped me a great deal.

Please update again and test if it works now, thanks!
I’m relatively sure that it is because among your failed items with more than 50, but less than 75% SRS time remaining, there is something (like a radical) that does not have meaning and/or reading, which may have caused a crash.

Unfortunately that update does not fix the issue (still no bars on 50% only).
I’m limited on time with this now and am happy with it working for me on 75% and above so no big issue.
However if you want to delve deeper here is another (new) error message being thrown up in your script (again means nothing to me) :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks, we’re getting close now :slight_smile: Not only is it a radical, but also a wanikani “custom” radical.

It should work now (1.4.4…) if not Ill continue researching :slight_smile: (Since otherwise it could mean the script breaks at other %'s too later)

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Yay, it works now (@50% too)! Well done, and thanks!!


I-I knew that… :sweat:
:slightly_smiling_face: uh just when you have the free time. This is already very helpful in the current state so no need to rush on this minor request.

oh never mind, my comment just became moot right now…

Thank you very much for this wonderful script! If you ever need anything that needs proofreading in English let me know and I’ll happily do it for you. :wink:
just WKers helping other WKers…

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Just found this via referral, absolutely love it! Thanks for making this!!!


Thank you, I like this one!

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This script appears to be using some kind of transparent font or something like that which causes a bug like you can see in this screenshot:

Hey @Thalanor if its possible I would like to add minor improvements to the script. I have no clue how it all works (never worked with scripts before) but if you have a github or something I could open a merge request. Mostly I want to add how many not studied items remain from previous level so I know when I’m approaching new content and also add percentages to the bars. Seeing your radicals at 50+% is a great feeling.

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Thank you for the feedback! To better understand, do you mean something like the “Level 1-16 Vocabulary backlog (251 remaining from earlier levels)” section, but for all items (and only for the last level and not all of them?) or specifically lessons (SRS not yet started) for all items from previous levels (do you use a reorder script?)

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Sure thanks for the reply. I don’t think these are complicated changes. I added them to my local script once but of course it all disappeared when I had to reset my pc.

I don’t use any reorder scripts.
Yes exactly “SRS not yet started” is a good name for it. I want to know the count of the grey items in the image below.
(Note all these are from random levels because they added a bunch of new items and I havent gotten around to them yet)

Thank you! I will add this and check how to integrate it nicely; probably going to expand the backlog to include kanji and radicals also. If you have your code ready you can also PM it to me (will make a github in the future probably). About time for a version 1.5 :slight_smile:

Edit: Added a preliminary version as a quickfix for now

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I will look for it but I mostly hacked it in haha. I would probably remake it if I made again.

I have added it like this for now:

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@Thalanor hey a little request. Can we get percentages for the status bars like shown in the picture? If you got that github setup I can do it myself and make a merge request.

Sure, sounds reasonable!

Made the repo at GitHub - jstecher/rkvtinybars: Userscript originally published in 2019: https://greasyfork.org/de/scripts/390425-wanikani-r-k-v-tiny-bars.

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