[Userscript] (Update 1.5.2: Fixed script breaking on kana vocab) Levelup material overview

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.


Update 1.3.1:
A new experimental feature has been added - recently failed items. This can be configured and enabled/disabled in the settings.



Whoa! Looks pretty cool!

No prob :yum: yours looks super cool. Also I love the division in r/k/v sections.


Hello @Thalanor This looks cool, I will be sure to try it out when I get home.

Hello @Kumirei, how did you make yours look like that? May I ask what other scripts you have running in this particular screenshot? I of course already have that woah picture by the burned section running. :wink:

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1: Pep’s 2 Cool 4 Progress
2: My own Apprentice and Guru breakdown script, I don’t think I have released it. If you want it I can publish it.
3: My Levels By SRS script
4: My Progress Percentages script

The overall dark theme is Valeth’s Breeze Dark
Then I also have a separate stylesheet which makes it all come together the way I want it. An example of what I have changed with this is the colors for this script.


Thanks for this! I’m a little chuffed to find I have already learned over half the radicals :grin:


Oh wow :open_mouth: Kumi your custom solution (global stylesheet?) looks absolutely magnificient! It all looks like one clean UI card!

Also happy to see that some people actually installed this :smiley: I’ll come up with some minor updates in the future (if anything to practice script writing heh).

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Small update: Added settings, for now just a simple checkbox that lets you toggle on/off a display of current levelup material (with differentiation between apprentice stages, and an integer count of kanji left to learn to level up):

Version 0.3.0

It makes sense to use this together with “2 Cool 4 Progress” (by Pep95) even/especially before lv60 because the vanilla progress bars can be replaced by this (and they take up much more space than the replacement that script will put there)


it seems the checkbox is not working for me. I remove the tick from the menu, refresh the page, but the current level items remain, and the setting is ticked again.

ps: can you please add a settings to swap the progress-bar from right-to-left to left-to-right?
I would like the bar to be in that order : apprentice-guru-…-burn, like the rest of the dashboard.


Hi, thanks for testing! Ill look into it, the checkbox worked for me iirc after pressing save in the dialog explicitly (still learning the settings thing) (Edit: yeah it saves for me, but only when clicking the save button in the dialog, not yet on just closing like some other scripts do it. I’ll improve the settings handling when I figure it out)

Can do reverse order too, good idea! :slight_smile:

Version 1.0.0 Install/Update on greasyfork

  • Added option to show vocabulary backlog (previous levels) and vocabulary progress (current level)
  • Added setting to invert color bars (@omoide please give feedback if settings work for you better in this version :slight_smile:)
  • Added setting to only show apprentice (1-4) items
  • Added settings to either display only the bars, or only the material, or both


Version 1.1.0

  • Added setting to put the script below or over the vanilla progression element. This can be useful if you have a script that modifies it.
  • Added setting to change size of individual elements
  • Fixed locked backlog vocabulary count not displaying
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there is a typo here : Level XX Kanji Progession

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Any chance this is getting updated to work with the latest wanikani update? Definitely one of my favorite scripts so I’m still hoping.

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Yes of course! (Have deleted previous post and explicitly replied to you so you get a notification)
A hotfix has been deployed :slight_smile: Let Tampermonkey check for updates explicitly to get it right now.

Note that there will possibly be multiple hotfixes throughout the day , so keep checking for updates. I’m planning for some improvements to make it fit better (like removing the default stuff in the card, etc)

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Currently, I have v1.1.8 installed, and the tiny bars are not showing.
In the Firefox console, I read:

Hm that is weird, not seeing these in chrome. It also looks like the errors are in functions that arent in the script itself, but in dependencies used by the script. Does it tell any meaningful information when expanding the errors?

I dont have more information about the error itself, but i understand that your script is replacing a div below progress-and-forecast with the tiny-bars widget.
Contrarily, as I discarded the progress-and-forecast widget entirely, it is possible that your script does not find an anchor in Html anymore.

I will modify my copy of your script to inject the tiny-bars widget after the srs-progress section, and this will enable me to wipe the progress-and-forecast.

Are you in private mode or are your privacy settings otherwise unusually strict?

Yes, I am strict mode always.

I have modified the R/K/V script this way, and now the tiny bars are succesfully displayed:

This is only needed because I wipe the content of progress-and-forecast.

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