Looking for a script

Is there a script that will remind me of the mnemonic for vocabulary.

For example: the word 集まる Reading Explanation is The reading is the same as 集める so if you know that word you’ll know how to read this word as well.

Is there a script that tells me the mnemonic for 集まる without having to go to 集める’s page?

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Not that I’m aware of, but I’d put in a helpdesk request to see if they have plans to enable links in such text in the future (they are constantly making improvements and it seems odd that this is just plaintext rather than a link).

Since it appears the mnemonic for the earlier item didn’t help, I do wonder how useful this would be for you in this specific case, though. Personally, I just treat the provided mnemonics as a short-term crutch for new lessons. Honestly, I’ve rarely bothered with mnemonics for the past many levels — it’s weird, but your brain eventually gets trained on how to memorize, even without mnemonics.

In this case, 集まる comes two levels after 集める. If you couldn’t recall the あつ reading for either, then making up your own mnemonic or just answering incorrectly and getting in more rote-recall reviews might be more useful than re-reading the WK provided mnemonic.

It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but maybe this could help

I did see this thread earlier, but it didn’t seem like it fit very well, what one would need is to make all mentions of other items into links or similar. I do have an idea about this, but gotta wait a bit.

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