[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

Yeah, that’s one of the daft things about WaniKani - literally every single kanji it gives as examples for 易 actually use 昜, with the sole exception of 易 itself.

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Glad I’m not the only one who was thinking that something is wrong with saying that 場 consists of “dirt” and “easy” radicals. I was like - but there is an extra line!

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I’m pretty sure before “easy” was a radical, it was “gravity” instead, consisting of sun+ground+wing.

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Is 兄 the Phonetic component of 競? It seems like it is to me but the script didnt say anything about it.

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競 seems to be an ideographic character - two brothers competing for something. So there’s no phonetic component.

Hi @acm2010,

could you go the same path as the WK developers, and change the font weight from bold to normal, please?


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Also 麟 of 麒麟 (麒 also uses phono-semantic 其) so… キ・リン (giraffe)

Also, I see that clicking on a kanji is opening the corresponding page on jisho.org
The search URL seems to be implemented here, but it cannot be modified locally:

Could you please add a user option to override the URL? Or to select the site from a list? I would appreciate to use:

But maybe other users may prefer the wiki site of their native language.

Thanks & Regards

I will apply some changes on the weekend. It should be easy to make the lookup more flexible.


hi acm2010,
sorry in advance to sollitate you frequently. I was looking at the kanji 院 and was surprised that your sources consider it to be a compound of 奐.
Usually, I read that it is composed of:
radical 阝(⾩=hill) + phonetic 完 (“complete”)

Can you please confirm, and would you have more details on the glyph origin? Thanks, cordially.

The fonts are now altered to non-bold.

I also changed the URL scheme to make it a bit more flexible, but it only applies to Keisei at the moment, and as before only to kanji that are not in WK (the others just get an internal WK URL).

There is no GUI support, once the newest version of Keisei was started once, a line with “lookup” should appear under if you click Keisei in the Tampermonkey Dashboard and go to “Storage”.

Change the URL to what you want (currently I just append the search term to that):
“lookup”: “Wiktionary, the free dictionary

I will fix it to work better next time.


The origin seems not so clear, Shuowen Jiezi says 寏 (奐+宀) is the original form of 院, but 院 also appears independently.

院とは (インとは) [単語記事] - ニコニコ大百科

Shirakawa also mentions 寏, but there are also sources that just say 完+阝. 垣 also comes into the mix for the actual reading …

I will check it out further, and probably just change it to 完.


Thanks, I will test once the new script version is updated in TamperMonkey.

All of a sudden some other scripts (as far as I have seen: lightning mode and reorder ultimate 2) don’t seem to work anymore when this script is on.

I currently have this script disabled because it was interfering with my other scripts (not sure if it was a specific one or a couple of different ones), but I forgot to report here. Attaching a screenshot of all the scripts I currently have, in case that helps.

as some others, I got a problem today because none of my scripts were running on my main dashboard page. I disabled the Keisei script and the other scripts functioned properly again.

Could you please align the Keisei script with the Niai script, and use the following selectors:

// @include     *://www.wanikani.com/kanji/*
// @include     *://www.wanikani.com/review/session*
// @include     *://www.wanikani.com/lesson/session*

Thanks and sincerly yours

Is that solution or just a workaround so you can still look at the info? Assuming the second.

hi, that is just a workaround, so that the other scripts continue working on the dashboard. I suggested this modification because it is already in use in the Niai script (for similar-looking kanji).
Usually, the long-term solution is to delete then reinstall the Keisei script, but I can tell you why it would help.

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My problem is that Keisei was newly installed with all other scripts, so I don’t see how reinstalling it would change anything for me, but I could try that.

@acm2010, it seems that a recent change is causing this script to break lessons: