Truandissimo‘s Study Log

Ok back to my thread before it gets too political, thanks guys. I‘m Swiss, so I‘m neutral.


That’s awesome! I just started and had a low period for awhile but I’m back in it! Taking notes and making myself flashcards has really kept me motivated. We can do this! :smiley:


Welcome to WaniKani and the forums レイナさん!

The first few levels might seems slow at first but don’t worry, it’s all worth it in the long run. :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, make sure to take advantage of the first 3 levels cus’ they’re free! :wink:


My leeches are becoming a problem. I have 52 leeches in Apprentice. I started to face them head on yesterday.


  • Leech list on the dashboard
  • downloaded the ultimate Wanikani Anki Deck
  • renamed it to Leech Killer
  • suspended all the cards
  • unsuspended all of my leeches
  • changed the intervals to 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 minutes

Need to get rid of all my leeches. More important than levelling up.


WK is not only learning Kanji, it‘s also learning about yourself.

I‘m a perfectionist. Which means, that I take mistakes personally. I want those 100% in reviews and I get frustrated when I fail. This demotivates me.

I need to become emotionally detached from right or wrong answers. They both serve a bigger goal.

Right? OK. Wrong? Also OK, let‘s see what I got wrong and correct it.

Accuracy percentages are not important and nothing to feel good or bad about.


I can definitely relate to those things. It can be hard sometimes to let go of that test-taking mentality that equates errors to impending failure due to inadequate accuracy percentages.

I ended up installing this script to at least remove some of that distraction while doing reviews:

Learning a language is a journey on so many fronts, huh? Learning about the language. Learning about learning. Learning about how I react to learning.

How is your leech quashing going? ^^ As demotivating as red screens can be sometimes, it can feel equally motivating to finally feel comfortable with one of those words that just kept on taunting.


Leech quashing is going well, thanks. It‘s like bringing light into a dark cellar and finally cleaning it out. It’s a good feeling.

And !yes! to all you‘re writing. And I have that script but I‘m mostly on my phone, so I need to work on my psyche, which can only be a good thing :smiley:

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Level up to 26. 25 is a tough level, I think.

26 will be slower, I‘m in no rush, though it would be nice to hit 30 by the end of the year.

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I did the math, you can afford 14 days level if you want to reach 30 by then end of the year, I think you can do it !

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Hahaha thanks, not sure if your math is correct, though.

54 days and 5 levels left (including 26 and the rest of the vocab from 25)

So that gives me roughly 10 days per level…

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There are some days when nothing seems to stick. today was one of those friggin‘ days.

They undermine your confidence. And then it gets even worse.


Level 27.

26 was difficult. Lot’s of vocab I learned that’s still shaky. I don’t know what the problem is exactly, but I find the vocab hard to remember. Reading is actually better than meaning.

Maybe I find the vocab not that interesting?

I will not start with the radicals before I have everything down, so 27 might be a long level for me as I am still mopping up 26.


How do people get through levels so quickly? I started level 6 again (reset) 30 days ago after a 5 year hiatus, and it still says I have 768 days left in level 6…

You mean on WK stats? The system makes predictions on when it thinks you’ll level up based on past performance. With a 5 year gap, you average level-up data is heavily skewed. If you look at your level-up page on WK stats, you can click individual levels to remove them from the calculation.

Also, make sure to use the new WK stats: It uses the personal access token, rather than the old API 1 - you can find the tokens on the same page as API 1. ^^

WK stats’ predictions have nothing to do with how fast you can level. If you do your reviews and get right what you should get right, you level up. :slight_smile:

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You are going really fast truandissimo. Seriously 27 levels in less then a year? Its taken me years to get where I am slowly trudging along. Not quitting but not killing myself with this either. I don’t know about momentum with this. I just want to thoroughly learn the material before moving on. Its easy to learn the kanji but then it jumps up and bites you in the butt later on when you realized you only superficially learned it. At least for me. However until starting Japanese 3 1/2 years ago I had not studied anything since college decades ago.


Am I? Yeah maybe I‘m going too fast, but I am doing iKnow at the same time, so that helps with the vocab. I am doing the bare minimum, just the reviews at the moment with iKnow.

My plan ist to go to Level 30 and then take a break on WK and do all the iKnow lessons corresponding to Level 1-30 on WK. That should give me a solid foundation.

Also I would start reading a lot from January 1st.

We‘ll see how this works out.

Thanks for your interesting post, I guess we all have to find our place and our method that works best with us.

I am doing Iknow as well. The same level as you I think. Core 2000 step 4, it really helps reinforce kanji learning to be reading the sentences over and over. I had no idea when I was going to Japan but a deal came up last week so after all these years of studying I am finally going in April. So I guess at some point I will have to cut back on Wanikani and Academic learning and put all my focus on actually speaking the language. I always add new vocab to my Anki deck as I come across it but I definitely need to work on words and phrases that I will actually be using in Japan.


That’s great! You‘ll have a blast. I go to Japan in September. I strongly suggest taking lessons on italki, so you can practice speaking to natives.

IKnow wise I am now at core 3000 and I have learned 2850 vocab so far, with 2001 being mastered. So I finished core 2K and I plan to go all the way to 6K no matter what. Good thing about iKnow is that the SRS never stops, so you will always be tested on the vocab, and you can quickly do reviews with Rapid Choice, I love that feature.

Also, there‘s a great Wanikani set on iKnow where you can learn in WK order.

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Thank you for this. I’m stuck at level 11 and am having such a hard time keeping up now, where before I was clipping along at a fairly decent pace. Here’s to level 60 or bust! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Just keep going at your very own speed and don’t compare yourself to others. I would say that’s the best advice I can give… every step forward is a step forward.