Request: option to turn off percentage correct at the end of review

When you’re having a bad day, it makes it super frustrating to see that you only got 55% correct in a giant review session.

Would like to turn it off. Ignorance is bliss.


You can use this script, I think it will do what you want, haven’t used it so I’m not sure.

It only hides the review accuracy while you’re actually doing reviews in a review session. I’m not sure if it even still works as I haven’t actually used WaniKani let alone with any scripts in a while. If I ever get some free time I may try looking at updating and making some changes to it.

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Should be a simple enough userstyle.
Although… You’d would see everything under correct and incorrect lists. Could hide those too I guess.
Or better, a userscript to skip the summary page all together, in both directions… hmmm…

I have this :eyes:


Just keep it as is. Any number is an indication of your progress. Failed reviews are inevitable when using SRS. You will review an item again next time and learn it a bit better.

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