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I had intended to keep this for friends only, but it has been requested more than once that I make it available so I suppose I should.


This is a userscript which makes it possible to make the level flair of users a rainbow.


Just for fun.


Before After

Where to get


How to use

When the script is running it will add a button to users’ user cards which says “Toggle Rainbow!”. Press this button to add or remove the rainbow flair from the user.

Button example


Furthermore you can change the colors of the rainbow by changing out, removing, or adding colors in the constant at the top of the script.

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thanks for sharing


i love my rainbow flair so much!



Crazy request but…

is it possible…
to make a script…
where the rainbow flair is… temporary?
Like I would love to have a rainbow flair that activates automatically, but only for like a day, and only when I level up.



Hmm, yeah, shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll look into it.


Just hopping in to let you know that this is the very first user script I installed! Love it! ^.^

Yes, I obviously started with the most important one… so sue me…