I'm a lifer!

I had a similar problem as I was in the beta release. 20% is not as great as your 50%, but still enough to make me pause at the lifetime gates…

Joined the club myself :+1:

No, I’ve only posted it here

What is the rainbow one :open_mouth:

Here you go

@TheEmpty The rainbow one is a silly userscript I made (the one above), it serves no purpose.

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OH I didn’t see that it was an image Borx posted, thought it was a quote!

Me too! Yay! Congrats!

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Just joined. Woot!

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We could add it to Shotty’s list…

Thank you! : D

WK for life!

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yeah me neither

Finally got my lifetime subscription!!!


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But are you a realifer? if so, please explode!!!

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i’ve been wanting it ever since i started using wanikani. finally got it this year. i feel like it’ll really help me push over my last learning hurdle. i hope. cheers :grinning:

purple icon!!

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Aaaaaaaaand I’m a lifetime member. Any tips on how to celebrate?

Study your kanji!^.^