Would it be possible to implement user synonyms being recognized?

Per the headline, I was wondering if it’d be possible for user synonyms for words that we’ve added ourselves to be recognized during reviews, in addition to the meanings outlined by WK.
It’s something that I think would be neat, but have no idea how difficult it might be to implement scripting wise and whether others think it might be detrimental, such as interfering with mnemonics, etc.

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User synonyms are already recognized during the reviews. But I believe that if the synonym used is also on the wanikani block list, then it won’t be recognized.


Yes, this is the whole purpose of the user synonym system. It already functions this way.


Really? I’ve never had it recognized before. 苦しい is one I’ve just about tested now and trying to input tough or hard (synonyms I’ve added) as answers came back as incorrect. I wonder if a script I am running might interfere with it? But I swear I don’t remember ever having my synonyms recognized by WK.

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I have these scripts running during reviews and I’ve never had a synonym not accepted by WK:

What are you using?

It could also maybe be a blocklist thing? but the words on it were not made public as far as I know.

EDIT: I’ve looked up the word on jisho and both tough and hard were there in the meanings. Unlikely a blocklist thing then.

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I don’t think they work during the same review session as they’ve been added. So if that’s the case, it’ll work in the next session.


Oh I see. That might be the case. Thanks! I’ll report back when I review one

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I use Jisho and/or Takoboto which are very similar, so I don’t think it’s that. I am running plenty of scripts myself, but I think it’s probably just that they don’t work in the same session they’re added, so I’ll test and will report back.

It has nothing to do with the current review session.

If you fail a review and add the answer as a synonym, the failed review still counts. You can then use the new synonym as the answer in the same review session but the original failed review still counts.

However, the item will pass if you override the failed review with a userscript, enter a synonym and then use the new synonym.


Hmm, I was pretty sure it didn’t register when the item came up on that review, but I’ll definitely try with the next review batch.

How did you enter the synonyms? You need to enter each word individually. Only then they will be recognized correctly. If you e.g. enter the synonym as “wordA, wordB, wordC” then it will only recognize that exact string.


I guess my explanation was way too simplified, hehe :sweat_smile:

Wow, see that’s exactly what I did lol. That’s kind of dumb, but makes sense. I’ll have to redo all of them now. But thanks for telling me!

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Honestly it’s ridiculous how some words that clearly need inbuilt synonyms have none, it leads to so many failed burn reviews (I don’t trust myself with doublecheck)


Yeah, I wish WK had a large database of synonyms that we could acknowledge if we wanted to or just ignore if we so choose. Would be nice as a, say an ‘additional meanings’ drop-down menu or something.

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