Useful resource for hearing audio for context sentences in WK!

Simply get the chrome extension for google translate, highlight the sentence and this little shortcut icon will appear which you can use to hear the audio without leaving your WaniKani tab.


If only they didn’t sound so robotic, but better than nothing I guess. Thanks!

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I have some doubts that google translate is going to be able to read WaniKani’s sentences accurately, the way things that are often in kanji are written in hiragana if you haven’t learned it yet.

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I am using this: 【公式】ReadSpeaker | AI音声合成ソフト,音声読み上げ, DNN,Web,テキスト読み上げ,合成音声,リードスピーカー,VoiceText,HOYA株式会社
It is not always perfect but they have few different voices

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