It would be great to listen to the example sentences

I’m not sure if anyone posted about this already. But I just started using WaniKani, and I absolutely love it. One thing that I think would really help, would be to listen to the example sentences. Because when I read the example sentences, I don’t always know the pronunciation of the kanji, plus I think it would be helpful to get good listening experience.


I don’t think anyone would disagree, I just think it comes down to WK doing it when they actually have the example sentences nailed down. They are in the process of overhauling a lot of content on the site, and I believe more example sentences are planned as well, so such a big step probably shouldn’t be done with the content in flux.

You want to be sure any sentences you record won’t be changed, since they have to pay people to do it.

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You can use TTS to read the sentence:

Thank you that’s a great idea. I just installed text to speech on my mac, and it looks very promising.

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