Wanikani + Speech Recognition =?

As you know, the future is now and this means speech recognition is build right into your (Chrome) browser.

How awesome is that? On top of that I build a Chrome Extension that lets you answer and control the Wanikani review process with your voice.

As of now I am looking for feedback and if there is enough interest I will look into putting the Extension in the Chrome Web Store to get rid of the message to disable Extensions not from the Web Store.

To install the Extension download it from https://db.tt/Tveozbn1 and then open chrome://extensions/ and drag the file onto that page.

After that go to your Wanikani Review (reload if necessary) and enable the Speech Recognition by clicking on the microphone at the top right corner of the page, next to the percentage of correct answers.

The basic commands you need to know are

  • okay (or submit or go or send) to submit your answer
  • next to go to the next review item
  • info (or help), more (or all) to show the help (same as pressing f (and then space) after having answered)
What do you think?

PS: This is of course by no means a finished polished thing, maybe not even beta…

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Looks promising! Good job !
What I noticed after 10 mins of testing:
- javascript alerts
- the delay is long
- speech recognition does not swap automatically between EN and JP. Also, when dictating a japanese reading,  should  ‘okay’, ‘next’ and ‘info’ still work?

Thanks for the feedback!

The recognition should switch between EN and JP, does the text next to the microphone icon change from en to jp?
What Chrome Version do you use?

Yeah the javascript alerts are there right now to show you that the speech recognition stopped, otherwise you keep screaming at the computer and wonder why nothing happens … :wink: I usually keep saying stuff until I know the answer to prevent the auto stop from happening.

The delay is all from the speech recognition / internet connection, nothing I can really do about it.

Wow! What a resounding silence. That useless huh?

ampaze said... Wow! What a resounding silence. That useless huh?
 I've only just noticed this and I can't really test it out right now, but it seems like a potentially exciting line of development that I'll grab and take for a spin as soon as I can!

I don’t know about this; I just repeat what I’ve heard the guy says whenever the vocabulary shows up. I’m pretty sure I’m saying it right.

downloaded it, but i’ve already done my reviews so i have to wait a while before i can test it out. looks cool though!

Never seen this until today. I’ll try it out but I have no idea how it’ll work since my Internet is wonky.

Testing it out now and it’s working quite well. The only problem I’ve encountered is I can’t seem to submit the answer when doing a reading by saying “okay”. Is there something different I need to say when doing readings? At the minute I’m just having to manually submit the readings.

Just out of curiosity, what happens when one of the vocabulary is “next”, “go”, or “send”?

weirdboy said... Just out of curiosity, what happens when one of the vocabulary is "next", "go", or "send"?

 Next only sends you to the next item once you've submitted it, so if you say next before submitting it will input it as the answer. Not sure how the others would work.

Chrome just disabled the extension with no option to turn it back on. Any extension that isn’t on the web store is now disabled automatically apparently. It’s to stop websites that try to force install unwanted extensions but having no option to turn them back on is just incredibly annoying…

ok so its not recognizing japanese, at least for kanji. haven’t tried it for vocab yet. it’s great with english though! I like it! :slight_smile:

Will try it out soon. Don’t have any reviews for 12 hours.

Chrome automatically disabled it before I had a chance to actually try it during a review. :frowning:

It needs to be on the web store otherwise chrome will automatically disable it.
I think there’s a way you can set it to hidden though, so that only people who get linked from here can get it.

Can’t use it either because it’s auto-disabled :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey peeeps,

thanks for the feedback!

Yes, for now you have to remove it and reinstall it everytime you restart chrome. :frowning:
As I said I will try to put it in the store if there is enough interest.

If it is not recognizing your japanese try to say it slowly and play around with the pronunciation :wink:
In my experience it mostly fails with short words that only consist of one syllable, as speech recognition isn’t really made for that.

But please get back to me with japanese words you can’t get the speech recognition to understand!

When trying so submit readings you really have to say “O-ke” like a japanese person would say okay. I haven’t found a better word for that.

Hi! O.o

This sounds interesting!