Is there a UserScript that reads the English out loud when you type the right meaning?

I’m looking for a script that reads the English out loud when you type the meaning correctly (kinda like when you get the Japanese reading correct it reads that out loud).


AFAIK nothing like that exists, since the primary function of Wanikani is learning the Japanese part.

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I already know English (it’s my native language), I want to use the script to reinforce the English meanings…
I’m sure it can’t be too hard to implement.

Also, I’ve seen “joke scripts”, so my idea shouldn’t be too far fetched.

I’m not a coder, but since there isn’t an English audio component to the WK item pages, there isn’t currently anything of that nature for a script to fetch. I do understand your desire for audio reinforcement of the English meaning of the items, though.


Except… where would you get the audio from?

There are services that could provide auto-generated audio, but I don’t think they are free…


Lol, I’m not a programmer, so I have no clue! :upside_down_face:
Somehow make google translate do it? (I have no idea how these things work).

Best not to assume it’s easy if you don’t know then. :wink:

Now, as someone who has written several scripts, I’d say it’s a relatively easy script to write if the audio is provided ahead of time. If you can provide audio for all vocab items, either self-recorded or from a source with a permissive copyright, maybe someone will build the script for you. :slight_smile:

Of course, someone might build the script even without audio being provided ahead of time. But it sounds like a pain to me!



Depends on how clear you want it. There’s a javascript Web Speech API draft, which defines an API to let browsers read a string aloud for you. Most major modern browsers seem to have some type of support, so you can let it read a piece of text aloud for you in 2 lines:

let text = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance("this is some text");

Now of course, it’s far from perfect. Voices available may vary, and regardless it’s pretty much the robotic voice you’d expect from a text-to-speech engine. But if you don’t care about quality too much, I guess you could write a script that passes the meanings to that API and uses it.


I dont’ know anything about the topic, but I will say that I find your username and profile pic tasteless on a japanese-learning page, especially for an American.


As you are an English speaker, why don’t you read it out loud yourself? It’s perhaps even better for the reinforcement.

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I have created something like that about a year ago for personal use. It’s very bare-bones – for example, it just says the first meaning in the list (which I think is always the primary meaning?) and not the meaning you have entered.

WaniKani English audio (


I’m sorry I offended you, but my username has nothing to do with Japan, (which you are assuming).
It is simply a nod at a Eminem song titled “Drop The Bomb On 'Em”. (Edit: MATURE MUSIC, look up at your own risk!)

I’ve used the/my username (across many domains) long before I had any interest in Japan or anime (since the late 00’s-early 10’s), since he is one of my favorite artist.
I just got interested in anime 3 years ago, then started my Japanese language learning a year after that (2 years ago).

I never thought of it as anything other than “a nod to Eminem”.
So, please don’t make me look like a “bad guy” (also a Eminem song), I’m just a fan of someone’s music.

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Do you have any plans on updating it? :grin:

If I get feature requests, I can try to implement them.

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You can actually use Google Translate’s TTS for free using a trick. I don’t remember what the trick is though because I always have to look it up

I understand what you are saying. However, your intention does not change the fact that you are using your a-bomb icon and your name on this page, which is a Japanese page. Which is a country that has had a terrible history with a-bombs, by the hands of your country. It would be perfectly fine on a Fallout game (that got heavily censored nukes in the japanese version by the way) forum, or the Cyanide and Happiness page. But now you are using it here, on this forum. And here, as I said, I think it’s tasteless. Because it is an obvious connection.

Seeing that you asked for advice on how to change your profile icon on this forum just a few months ago also shows that the a-bomb going off in it was a choice you made after you got here.

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(Irrelevant Info, just my explaining my side.)
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Yes, this just so happens to be my username and yes, this so happens to be a Japanese-learning forum, but I can promise you, I would never joke about the bombings. I love Japan and it’s culture (I wouldn’t be on these forums otherwise), so I definitely mean no disrespect!

As for me being “American”, my (birth) country does not define me, as I’m an individual.
I see your point, but I’m not gonna change how I identify myself online because of other people’s (The USA’s) actions.

I wasn’t expecting your original backlash (and all the likes you got on it), now I’m afraid everyone on here thinks bad of me, and I keep anxiously checking my forum notifications. :pensive:

Lastly, about the “Mature Music” warning, (A.K.A "Parental Advisory), it is to warn others that the song is not appropriate for kids (this must be labeled on CD’s in the USA).
It’s not a jab at you or anything of that sort.
Parental Advisory - Wikipedia