Update on the Summary Pages

Let’s see if I will get the summary page back before I have all the item burned, but frankly I wonder if I am able to carry on without the summary page. Started using Bunpro and it is so much better except the pronunciation recording, but at least we got a summary page in Bunpro.

Will definitely recommend Bunpro over WaniKani though if I can make the choice again. Regreating paying for lifetime member here.


I’m keeping a log of my accuracy percentages as part of my study log and I keep accidentally pressing enter and exiting the final review before making a note of the number
Summary page… I miss you so much…


@cytsunny @rumade a script that adds the summary page back in case you haven’t seen it before - although I of course also wish WK would re-implement it officially… One of multiple useful features they removed in recent years :frowning:


Yes, I do notice there is such a plug-in, but I use WaniKani on mobile and public computer as well and plugin is not a viable solution for those cases.


There was no further updates on kana vocab too AFAIK (more of it, make them optional).
I feel like wk evolution came to a stop a year ago.


No updates on the Reviews API endpoint either as far as I could find. (Kinda hard to tell for sure with 245 comments).


Just asking out of curiosity/maybe learn something new. BTW, I also missed the summary page when it disappeared, I really liked it. My separation anxiety has decreased significantly as time has marched on, as is generally the case. My question is, does tracking/recording/analyzing the accuracy rate of individual review sessions impact the study process. In what ways does assessing the accuracy of a review session alter the next steps one takes?


If I’m doing really badly (which I define as sub 90%), I will do extra study outside of the lesson and review features of WK. Like for example sitting down and working through all the different vocab that is about mixing, typing them out, revisiting the WK pages on them to look at context. My accuracy has been lower on learning new kanji, so I’ll make sure to spend extra time working on the lessons. Not just reading each page, but going back over and sounding the readings aloud.

I also just enjoy it as a record of performance. In the past I have kept an entire written record of mistakes. At the end of each study session, I would sit in front of the summary page with a notebook and hand write out each of my mistakes. I do think that this helped to reinforce those items, as it was a sort of output.


Thanks. I do pretty much the same thing (minus the writing) for items I miss on reviews. However, I do it all the time (mostly if I have the time), not based on what my accuracy was. E.g. if I miss 5 items in a review I take a look at those 5 items regardless of whether it was a review pile of 6 (17% accuracy) or 150 (97% accuracy). The review page was a great place for orchestrating that. However the recent mistakes is also useful and provides the same sort of list of missed items that one can click on. What I do like about the recent mistakes is the option to run through a review of all the items or redo the lessons. The downside to the recent mistakes list is that it is all items from the past 24 hours, not just the last review. If the recent mistakes panel had some way to indicate which items were from the most recent review, I think that would make it pretty much a great replacement. The actual accuracy was only being used for a mental pat on the back or kick in the rear, not actually impacting what I do. However, I am always curious to know if there are other aspects to usage of that bit of information that others used to drive what/how to do things.