When will we get the summary page back?

It has been ages since the update that removed the summary page. Since then every day people have asked for it back. Can you please just return it?


They have already said they’re working on something to supplement it. That is all we know by know. Just wait and see.


I’ll risk sounding harsh, but there’s been a stance in the coding-focused IT company I know.

Agile is nice and all, but if you just hold meetings discussing possibilities, replacements, amendments, opportunities, dangers, and every other thing, then as you can imagine, nothing ultimately gets done.
At least for an extended period of time.


This is the worst advice possible. It’s supposing that if everyone just stops talking about something then a company will work just as diligently to correct an issue as they would if people continue to complain.

The reality that if people stop talking about a problem then almost any company will assume that people have gotten used to how things are and they are free to follow the path of least resistance, which is to do nothing at all.

If you wish to not participate in the efforts of others to regain functionality, that is your choice. However, perhaps it would be better if you didn’t instruct them to “just wait and see.” These are the people who will make the product you’re using better; maybe the least you can do is do nothing to undermine them.


Most likely never. Please prove me wrong, Wanikani!

On the bright side, WK’s utter screw-up of the most recent roll-out (and subsequent silence on when or how it will be fixed) caused me to discover alternatives to the WK web interface. I now do nearly all my reviews on Tsurukame for iphone. It was a pain to type in all my answers at first, but then I started using voice recognition for the English translations. I only type the Japanese pronunciations now.



I’m losing my patience. They pointlessly removed a feature that I paid for.


Since I’m not a developer the only thing I can think of that made them do all this mess is that they somehow migrated their system to some other more affordable tool, or maybe they’re losing newcomers and they’re in a pinch to get more people and need to look fresh. or they’re short of staff. idk. The thing is while doing so, they lost the means to keep features like the summary page or other minor stuff that made the sessions more robust and reliable.

I want to think in the best way possible, but it seems to me that they´re betting on something and need to stick to this change, so old WK is not coming back. I also want to believe that they’re working on something, but it’s going to take a while.

yeah, Since I use mobile A LOT to do my reviews I thought the only way around was the scriptless way. I also discovered neat apps I never heard about in 5+ years using WK. Flaming durtles is really cool.

I also went to try other apps to learn Japanese, a lot of good stuff has come out in recent years




There’s a number of other issues/complaints that were raised when the update happened that haven’t been addressed either. A lot of them were to do with UI changes that I imagine could have been sorted by now. We haven’t heard anything and don’t even really know what they plan to address at all besides the review page.

Pretty disappointing.

I mean they could be working on a big update that fixes a lot of it, but as of now it seems like they made a bunch of downgrades and tried to sell them to us as features. Surely there’s a point that we need to start complaining again if nothing is done (or at least communicated to us).


I believe it would be when those subscribed start to quit because of this missing summary page, but I doubt if that would happen. Although it is a hugh downgrade with the summary page removed, WaniKani is probably still the best service in the market.

I guess it is more likely that some script writer come up with some script to generate the summary page then WaniKani bringing it back. WaniKani officially replied in another post saying that they are brainstorming how to bring the summary page back, so at least be prepared to wait for a long time before the summary page is back.


I did quit (but not just for the missing summary page), but I already paid for lifetime so I don’t matter to them.


There was no reason to remove it. At least flaming durtles still has it.


I bet that, and all the UI changes were done on pulse to slow people down and make them subscribe for longer…


I wonder if it is possible to ask for a partial refund? Something like deducting as if I am doing monthly subscription to the amount from lifetime payment?

I have paid for lifetime as well in December last year, and I am still using WaniKani at this moment, but if they are updating again and do something similar to removing the summary page (e.g. revmoing the extra study), I may want to quit too.


email them about how your feel about the update and try asking for a refund, on the arg you don’t have the product you paid for anymore


I highly doubt it, for one thing I think the vast majority of people who start WK never reach level 60 (or even level 10 IIRC) so slowing people down is probably more likely to have them quit even earlier. If anything I think that if Tofugu wanted to increase retention rate they’d make progression easier, not harder, in order to make people level up faster and motivate them to stick for longer.

It’s been stated multiple times before but the removal of the summary page is most likely driven by purely technical considerations. They completely overhauled the review implementation, removing the concept of a session (which means that you no longer have timeouts for instance). Because there’s no internal session anymore, there’s no obvious way to display a session summary at the end of the reviews because the website has no concept of what should and shouldn’t be displayed there at this point.

Bunpro has a similar implementation and while it does have a summary page, in it you have all entries reviewed in the past 24h instead of just the current session (I expect for the same technical reason).


While I too miss the summary page, I think we should all show some patience. From what I have seen, the devs actually care about what they do as opposed to seeing it as a way to grab some cash. While I don’t think we should just shut up and let changes we dislike be, we should give the devs a chance to actually fix things. 19 days may seem long, but from what I’ve read they have completely reworked their review system, which would mean they can’t just hit some undo button and make everything go back as it was, while still keeping whatever changes they made to make things run more smoothly. In this case they would need to build the whole summary page from scratch. This simply takes time.

Sure, they screwed up and removed a feature they considered unnecessary while many of us liked it. But making a mistake once does not make them a soulless entity that’s only out for our money and is deliberately harming us. @ekg mentioned they said they’re working on it and given literally all my past experiences with WaniKani have been positive, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt here and I think you all should too. This is just my opinion though and feel free to disagree. If you personally don’t want to continue using WaniKani because of this change, that’s perfectly okay as well.



They removed a feature that people paid for, and have been radio silent for three weeks and you’re defending it. Wild.


I am patiently waiting for the summary page to come back but I have to admit that these changes really threw a curve ball into my Wanikani progress.

I was already having trouble staying motivated and having my habits shaken up like this made it worse. I can barely get through my reviews daily now and keep encountering the same mistakes over and over because of lack of reinforcement. Sure there is that summary userscript as a stopgap solution, but the experience is just not as good.

Yes, I’m using the changes as an excuse for my lack of motivation, but after 3 years of this, change is tough.


Thanks for saying this. For some reason I hadn’t realized I could do this on mobile, but I will be going forward.