Summary Page quick thought

I recall the WK team saying that the Summary Page was incompatible with some of the recent updates. I will say - having the Summary Page pop up at the beginning of a review, showing last session’s results, was not something I found particularly valuable.

Not sure if holding onto that info is part of the compatibility problem, but what I really miss is having insight into how I performed after completing a batch of reviews. Doing a batch just feels so empty without it. Severely lowers the enjoyment/fulfillment I get from this website; if I wasn’t already a lifetime sub, I’d at least consider moving on.

Anyway, probably not rocket science, but hoping there’s potential for a summary page-like feature that occurs after you finish a review session - and IMO feel free to punt any ‘here’s how you did last time’ aspect.


They’re brainstorming it

It will come back soonish

time is relative, though

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They never said it will come back soonish or even at all. They said they are looking into things that may fill a similar niche for how users were using the summary page, they did not say they are adding back a summary page. I think the way they’ve been communicating and the constant refusal to say theyd bring back a summary page back made things really clear that the summary page is never coming back.

As for the original poster,
If you want to use a summary page, you should consider using user scripts or user made apps using wanikani’s api. If you’d like to look for official alternatives, the extra review section has been the main thing pushed as a replacement but may or may not be accompanied by a second, still not summary page replacement in the near future… perhaps. I personally find the official supplements lacking though, but your needs will vary from mine.


I know what they said

I was joking on a “serious” answer they gave on one of these threads like 20 days after summary page was taken away and a ton of people complained:

<<we’re brainstorming on whatever will replace it>>

Like lol, who cares what 10 people want. As plantron said, etoeto is coming first.

I finished with that time is relative thing to try to make clear the sarcastic tone of my comment

I’ve been in most if not every thread related voicing my opinion

I’m hoping I finish before it gets re-implemented. I save so much time and don’t feel anything after finishing reviews! It’s quite liberating.

I miss this too. I’m not one for maintaining streaks or having rewards, but doint the lessons thoughtfully and Checking my spelling before hitting ENTER to get the coveted “100% correct” to show was part of the fun here!
I do lessons still, but with less care, which is not good for learning. I think we need this :carrot: back.


I did install a summary page user script, but it’s very buggy.

(it’s far better than anything I could make myself, so not trying to complain - but nothing compared to the real thing)

lol not sure if this is sarcasm or a very strange post …

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There is a third option and it’s just my honest feeling about it. :slight_smile:

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There is a fourth option and that is our parasite alien overlords commandeering your keyboard.


+1 for it feeling ‘empty’ after finishing. I always remind myself to look at my percentage in the top right before I finish the final one.

I believe them when they say it’s incompatible with the updates.

If I was to guess, it feels like before they gave you aa bunch of reviews as a single ‘session’, which you completed and then saw the result of that single session at the end. This had some weird things where I could bail on the session and my failures didn’t count.

Now it looks like that doesn’t happen anymore, the failures always seem to count. Perhaps this did this by getting rid of ‘sessions’, but that also means there can’t be a session summary page.

Most likely they are trying hard to get some type of replacement in. Giving people a reward, like the summary page, for doing stuff on your website is user retention 101 stuff.


You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But I assume by ‘save so much time’, you are referring to the half-second it took to skip past the summary page?


Yes. Optimization is key!

You could use a third party app. I use Tsurukame.

flaming durtles is showing it fine

just temporarily use a 3rd party app.

But it woul be really nice if the summarypage came back. I really liked it to get a summary and see what i did wrong:/.


This is the best substitution and it works with it’s newest update:

If saving a few seconds per day really is that important to you, then I have good news: You can save minutes, MINUTES per day if you stop visiting this forum. About 10 minutes per day judging by your profile page. Just think of how many skipped summary pages that amounts to! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, I use this forum to kill time and help people out, and point out how silly it is to be so defensive about a single web page that just confirms how good/bad you saw yourself be at reviewing kanji.


The summary page didn’t just give you an overall rating, which provides an objective measure of how well you did according to WaniKani, but it also gave you an overview of where you made mistakes and provided easy way to systematically review those items. And that’s a pretty basic pedagogical tool.