Update indicator level went away?

Update 12:20 Thu 23 Feb: This was a feature of the userscript WaniKani Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews — which hasn’t been updated in quite awhile (and has been so stable, I obviously forgot it existed!), but my version of iPadOS and Safari updated overnight, so I’m guessing there’s now some sort of conflict. I’ll update the thread if I get more info.

I just did a review this morning (it’s currently 12:00 Thu 23 Feb 2023 UTC) and my last one was about 10 hours ago, so this may have been a change just put in…

I’m used to my SRS update indicators (the green ↑ and red ↓ indicators when you clear a radical meaning or both parts of a kanji/vocab pair) telling me the new level— “Apprentice 4”, “Guru II”, etc. But now it seems to just say “Apprentice”, “Guru”, etc.? Anyone know the reason for the change? Could a userscript bring back the old behavior? I liked having the more-detailed knowledge in how I was progressing.

(And specifically, I treated demotions to Apprentice 4 from Guru II differently from Apprentice 3 from Guru—I made a note of Guru II demotions as ones I should recheck mnemonics to ensure I wasn’t creating a bigger problem by entraining an incorrect reading or meaning. Like, that level is frequently when I must remind myself that a kanji has an intrinsically voiced reading, so I shouldn’t “un-rendaku” it. It’s also when I sometimes needed to pay some explicit attention to whether the “primary reading” for a kanji was on’yomi or kun’yomi, when before I could just kind of go with the flow due to how a new kanji’s early vocab is introduced.)

I’m pretty sure that was always the default behaviour, not showing the concrete level of an item. I think that’s a userscript feature, tho not sure which exactly.

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Huh! I initially thought the whole indicator thing — not just the level given — was a userscript. But I can’t figure out which one, none of the ones I have installed have an obvious name about that¹, and unfortunately my userscript manager doesn’t log updates…

But thanks! If someone could tell me what userscript that is so I can do a harder look, maybe it got deleted randomly or something…

¹ Edited: Oops—don’t forget when looking for scripts that only activate on certain URL’s to toggle viewing inactive userscripts, too! 😳

I am using this one for exactly the functionality you describe. There are probably others that do the same thing.

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Yep, I just figured that out. Apparently when iPadOS updated to 16.3.1 overnight (and, with it, Safari), something broke. I’ll poke at it later and see if I can figure out what.

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