Between quizz and kanji's completion level


i was wondering something and i didn’t see it elsewhere. So please, if there is something like that, feel free to guide me toward it !

I was wondering how WK makes the link between a kanji (for example " しゅみ (刀) ") when you’re pass the quizz and the level of completion about it ? Many times i answered well to the quizz but the percentage about this Kanji doesn’t seems to rise. So what’s the trick behind it ? Does it to be the label “Guru, Apprentice, etc.” must appears when you have a good answer for the percentage rises or is there something else ?

thanks to you !

It has to be guru.

where did しゅみ(刀) come from

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Okay, thank you !

it seems an error ! It’s ryoku, not shumi.


FYI it’s 4 correct reviews to go from apprentice → guru. The number decreases as you go up with only 1 correct review needed to go from enlightened → burned.

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りょく is 力.
刀 is とう.


It’s actually とう, you’re probably thinking of 力


My bad, yes ! ha ha


thank you :smiley: !

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You can configure this script to break down how many items you’ve got at the different apprentice and guru levels (A1-4, G1, G2) - I find it useful to know, I’ll do more lessons when I’m low on A1/A2 items.

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