Why is the progress indicator broken?

Why happened to this? I am Level 18
Now when I look at level 17 for instance it says 136/136 for vocab. There is no way to know which words I still have left to learn. I have in no way learned all the vocab yet. When I look at the Kanji for my next level it says 20/30. Once again I have not even started on those Kanjis. This is not how the display was working before the last update. It clearly showed what Kanji and what Vocab words I had already started learning. IU can no longer find the entire list of all the kanji I have learned anymore either. I have to go level by level to look at them. Whats going on? I just wish the program would display the same as it used to. thanks for your help.

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It’s telling you how many items you’ve unlocked, not how many items you’ve done the lessons for. I think they did update this recently, maybe to make it in sync with something else? I honestly don’t remember the details.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug though, so I’d like to move it to the #wanikani:feedback section if you don’t mind.

Thanks, so now there is no way to know what you have left to learn for each level? I do not understand why they changed the program when it was working fine. It would also be worthwhile to be able to visualize the entire list of Kanji we have learned.


You can find all that info on the Wanikani stats (third-party) page.

That does seem pretty inconvenient

Thanks, that does help. One has to wonder why you need to use so many 3rd party apps for a program we are paying to use!

It sure is a good thing the API poofed into existence from nowhere so people could make 3rd party apps with it.


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