Unsure why its not accepting the kanji response

So after triple checking, im not sure why wanikani doesnt accept this response. Its supposed to be a reading, and it matches but it says its wrong.

The reading is “jou”, but you’re entering “jiyou”. じょう vs じよう.


Alright thank you, thats going to be the hardest part i bet, remembering that


While the person above essentially answered the question, the knowledge base thing also has a section about it(and answers to other common questions) if there are other related things you don’t know: Small vs Big Characters | WaniKani Knowledge


WK pleeease add a low-level “hey it looks like you typed a large よ why not check out this article …” pop up for new members in reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t they tell you you should know hiragana before starting to use WaniKani?


They do.

But chalk it up to human nature I suppose. I don’t think people are jumping into WK without having studied hiragana, but I can easily see how some people could get excited to move forward and totally miss stuff like the small ょ. And obviously that’s not a fault of WK but if we know it’s going to happen and we can catch it at the right time why not … that many people less likely to get frustrated early on.

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Not all kana sources mention the combinations, or mention them correctly.

+1 for linking to that article on known problem level 1 items. @CyrusS


This problem had me well even though I knew about small characters. I was typing it wrong all the time until my friend mentioned it


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