Wanikani marking right answers wrong, just started learning kanji

I just started learning kanji today. When I went to type in いち for “one” it wouldnt accept it. The screen just shook as if it was wrong. This keeps happening, for all the first 5 kanji. I know the difference between the small hirigana and the large ones, it just marks it wrong for some reason. It wont let me get past even though the answer is right.

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Hi jack

I believe the reason is because you’re typing the reading when it’s asking you for the meaning


Ohhhh thank you so much! I havent paid any attention to whether or not it said kanji meaning or reading. Thankd a ton!

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No prob.
Also WaniKani has its own Japanese Input Method so whenever it asks you for the reading, you may type as you would normally do and it will write in hiragana automatically for you

Please check the FAQ, it covers a lot of issues regarding typing answers

There’s also this thread regarding a similar question to yours

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You won’t need to turn on your personal IME at all, wanikani already handles that. I hardly pay attention to whether it says meaning/reading myself, what I do is in the input field I check whether it says “Your Response” or ”答え”. If it’s the former I enter the meaning and the latter I enter the reading. A cool trick if it’s too much to check every time.


If you don’t want to switch your brain to read the “Kanji Meaning”/“Kanji Reading” line, if you watch closely you will see that it has either a white or black background, so you can try to see what is expected with “periphery vision”.


i often write reading instead of meaning because of the endless review queue. WK ime helps to notice this.

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New user here and I make this mistake a lot ^^;

Thanks for all the help guys!

also, sometimes if you are trying to type the reading and you have a space then you will get the shaking too, until you erase it

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Something else to keep in mind, when you get further along on WaniKani, you will notice instead of “Kanji Reading” it will say “Vocab reading” and its another category like Radicals and Kanji. Radicals have the blue background, Kanji have that pinkish color, and Vocab have the purple background.

You might not pay much attention to that at the beginning, but once the vocab start coming in, it started throwing me off because it asks for the reading and you think you know it but its looking for a different reading. But thankfully if it asks for vocab and you type the kanji reading, it usually will do that same thing where it just shakes. Just saying, keep an eye out for when it asks for vocab reading instead. Sometimes it is the same but not usually.

Really? I know it will shake if it asks for a Kanji reading and you enter a different one, but on vocab cards it asks you for an actual word. Typically those only have one reading, so I expect to be marked wrong if I enter some other Kanji reading. If the screen shakes, well that’s nice I guess, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

It will never shake during a vocab review if you give a different kanji reading since, as you said, that is wrong.

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