Is anyone able to help?

i am only 11 years old so please excuse my grammar and spelling.

i am a level one in wanikani and i have been going for about 4 days. i (just today) have reached the point where i am learning kanji and I’ve come across a few kanjis(like construction, person, nine… That is all i can remember) that i have typed over and over in every way i could imagine(i even tried copying and pasting wanikani’s Japanese charters) and it keeps saying I’m wrong even if they are exactly the same.(and yes i have been using small や、ゆ、and よ’s)


Hi @Guam-life!

My guess is you’re not putting in the small ゃゅょ characters for the combo hiragana parts. You’ll notice the difference when placed side by side, I think:


For 入, for example, you need to type in the answer for にゅう. So you need to type in “nyuu” (not niyuu). For じゅう (十) it’s “jyuu” or "juu.” For 女 the answer is じょ, so you type in jo or jyo. Nine (九) is きゅう, so you type in (let’s see if you can figure out the answer!).

That should input the correct answer and allow you to move on. You can read more out this in our FAQ, under Common First Level ‘Problems’:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Are you inputting multiple readings? The system only takes one. For instance じん and にん are taught for 人, but you need to just put one in.


thanks for your help. but i am putting the small version. do you think it could be a bug or just mt web browser?

It’s a bit difficult for me to understand what the problem could be, then.

Do you mind posting a screenshot?

My guess is that you are entering the meaning instead of the reading, or the opposite, but a screenshot would clarify that.

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…maby that is why ill try it out and let you know. thanks :slight_smile:


Whoops, I totally didn’t see that you are using the small ゃ ゅ ょ, disregard what I said then. Can you show me an example of what you’re typing in for your answers? Or a screenshot?

(and, see if it’s what @Leebo suggested)

Are you typing it or copy-pasting?

He edited that in after you replied. I saw everything.

Edit: thanks for the durtle.


ive tried both

what a brownoser

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Shhhhh, let us have this

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thanks all. i will post a screen shot as soon as i can thanks :slight_smile:

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I got two durtles out of that. Worth it.


Let us know if it works or not. We’ll be here. :blush:

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Hah, I have no durtles to lose!

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im so sorry i am on a surface pro. and i cant figure out how topost the screenshot?:blush:

I’m on one now too actually. You basically hit the power button and the lower volumes buttons at the same time.

ALSO, make sure to crop the screenshot before you send it that way you can hide any personal information.

According to Google-San

To take a screenshot, press and hold the Windows icon button located at the bottom of the tablet. With the Windows button pressed, simultaneously push the lower volume rocker on the side of the Surface. At this point, you should notice the screen dim then brighten again as if you took a snapshot with a camera.

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sorry for the confusion. i have taken the screenshot but dont know how to post it to this chat??

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