Kanji reading - how to?

Dear community I have a question and I hope you can help me.
I sometimes feel that WaniKani websites/system is more complicated to learn than Japanese itself, lol.
after learning radicals I have a problem with “Kanji reading” section.
It shows me kanji of a person which I assume I should answer にん but after I type this in, nothing happen, he don’t want to let me forward, nor showing me any error.
Should I use hiragana to write the answer? Typing in english have same results.

What should I do?

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Got a picture?

Yeah, if you can show a screenshot, that will help us figure it out.

Thank you for your quick replay.
I think I found what might go wrong. when i write "ゆ” it’s big, instead of small one. I’m not sure how to write small one but I will fin it.

to write the small yu you can type ‘jyu’ for じゅ (or ‘shu’ for しゅ, ‘myu’ for みゅ, etc)

to write small yu by itself you can type ‘xyu’ or ‘lyu’ ゅ (edit: lyu actually renders into りゅ on wanikani’s ime, not little yu. windows and apple ime’s seem to give little yu though…)
(e.g. ‘jixyu’ gives じゅ)

did you figure out the problem with にん on 人?


thank you. I willl try to write like you mentioned.
Regarding にん I didn’t found answer yet.
Since I got new kanji . 人 didn’t appear yet.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when I accidentally put a space after or before the word it wont let me go forward so maybe that’s what happened.

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In the case of じゅ, just “ju” works perfectly fine as well. Save wear-and-tear on that Y-key. :slightly_smiling_face:


now that you mention it, i don’t think i know why i thought jyu first because i am pretty sure i’ve never typed jyu into an ime other than testing when i responded… im starting to question all reality

on another note, i thought i double checked everything i wrote to user sent on apple ime, but it seems that wanikani’s behaves differently? lyu actually gives me りゅ instead of ゅ.

windows ime also agrees that lyu = small yu… any knowledge about what WK bases their conversion off of? xyu still gives small yu though

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Yeah, WaniKani’s IME treats L as being equivalent to R.

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For the 人 kanji you are probably typing it like you would type it if you are using an IME (Or maybe you are using an IME) where you type “nin[Space]” but this doesn’t work on Wanikani.
Just leave your keyboard on normal English settings and type “ninn[Enter]” and it will be accepted as right.
Also, for kanji ending with ん you can actually just press enter while it still shows as ‘n’.
You can type “nin[Enter]” for 人 and even though it shows as にn in the answer field, it will automatically change the n to ん when you press enter.

All of the same also applies to chrome on an android device, too.

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I’ve had this problem when I put a space by error before the word. It would just shake without saying why. Maybe that’s what happened.

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