Really silly newbie question

Hi there,

I’m very new to WaniKani and to learning Japanese. :slight_smile: Only been on WaniKani for a week and learning Japanese for a month.

This is a really silly question and I’m sorry to ask it but I’ve tired and tried to figure it out myself and I think I’ve hit a wall. :frowning:

I’m on Level 1 at the moment and the way that I’m entering the reading of the kanji I’m learning is by typing it in English, then WaniKani kindly turns it into hiragana (e.g. I type “ka wa” and it comes up with “かわ” for the reading of 川).

However, I have a problem doing this with the reading for 入 and keep getting it wrong - I’m typing “ni yu u” which gets turned into “にゆう” but the actual answer is the slightly different “にゅう” (with small “yu” instead of large “yu”). Which makes sense - I think I understand the difference in pronunciation but what I don’t understand is how to type it with the small “yu”. The only way I’ve been able to get it right is by copying and pasting a small ゅ from elsewhere but it’d be a lot easier/quicker to be able to type something the way “yu” turns into ゆ that turns into ゅ - especially as I figure this is something that will keep coming up!

Hope this makes sense and that someone can quickly/easily help me. :slight_smile: Also apologies if it’s in a FAQ somewhere, I did look but couldn’t find it!



Hello hello, welcome!


niyuu = にゆう
nyuu = にゅう

jiyuu = じゆう
juu (jyuu) = じゅう

So, it’s substituting the i with a y, or making the sound nyuu instead of niyuu (different).
It’s about how it’s pronounced. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also use x before a hiragana to make it small = ゅ xyu


Ahh, brilliant, thanks so much! That will be so helpful to me. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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AAAHH. Thank you. Really sorry I couldn’t find that - the knowledge base is so vast and I’m a little daunted by how little I realise I know. Really appreciate the link - that’s great. :slight_smile:


I think it’d definitely be good to go over hiragana a bit before you jump into wanikani, since knowing hiragana is very fundamental to Japanese and also wanikani. It sounds like you already know how to read them more or less, but learning how to type them is very helpful too! Generally the way that wanikani converts romaji to kana is the same as most IMEs, so learning one can help with the other. (If you don’t know, IME stands for input method editor and it’s how most people type Japanese on computers.)

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It’s not a silly question at all - I think everyone has this issue at the beginning and I know I still accidentally do it. You have to remember to hit “N” twice or a space after it to finalize the ん or it will often combine it with the y sound after it. I do that all the time. Good luck on your learning!


Thanks! I can definitely read hiragana but I think I underestimated some of the nuance of how to write it (and no, I didn’t know about IMEs so appreciate the hint, thank you! Gives me a good place to start!). :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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