Unlearned radicals, kanji, and vocabulary shown as learned on list

I was checking the Kanji list, and Kanji that I haven’t learned are shown as learned:

This is also happening with Radicals and Vocabulary. I’d also like to note that even though some things shown as learned:

They are still in the lesson queue:

Aren’t they just showing as unlocked?

What you are seeing is correct. The striping on the list means locked. When subjects are no longer striped then they are unlocked. Unlock means the subject is accessible in your lessons or reviews.

On the top of the page there is a legend.

If I am misunderstanding the inquiry please let me know.

And yet yesterday the weren’t like this, even though I haven’t done any lessons in weeks (school’s been keeping me back). Before that, only one’s that have been learned were shown as such.

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You don’t unlock things by doing lessons, you do it by getting things to guru status.

No, I agree with @InsaneSlightly that this is indeed a bug xD A Kanji would only go from locked to unlocked after I did the lesson. It wasn’t about what kanji was available to do the lesson.

One proof is that @rfindley’s Self study’s script is now showing me Kanji which lessons I haven’t done yet. This didn’t happen until yesterday. Until yesterday, I would only get on this list the ones that I did the lessons. By clicking “Off”, I would then be also shown all the Kanji on that current level left to learn (unlearned and locked ones). At the moment, I only learned 8, but I’m being shown 24. Another way to see this is that my progress bar shows me 24/31. The progress bar represented the Kanji “learned”, not the unlocked ones. I also believe that the “New” symbol would only appear after the lesson was done, which isn’t happening.

All Scripts off:

My lessons (notice the 15 Kanji left to learn):

I don’t think I’m going crazy, since right after the lessons I always review the learned Kanji using the Kanji list. Lessons for Kanji don’t seem to work for me. I need a deeper study.

You don’t unlock Kanji with Kanji either. That would be the only way for what you said to happen. I seriously doubt he doesn’t have all the radicals guru’d already. @InsaneSlightly verify the radicals thing please. Are your radicals all guru’d?

Not only are the radicals not guru’d, I haven’t even done the lesson for them yet, as shown in the last picture in the original post.

EDIT: Misread the question. The radicals for the “unlocked” kanji have been done, while the radicals for this lesson that it says are learned aren’t.

Oh, I see. So basically the progress bar/active items went from “learned items” to “items available to study/do lesson/review”.

I personally prefer how it was.

That’s how it seems to be. I’m not a fan of the change because it makes it kinda hard to tell which ones have been learned and which one are unlearned, but can be learned.


No idea what you both are talking about. The dashboard progress bar is the same as ever, showing things that are guru’d. The item list is the same as ever, showing things that are unlocked. Nothing changed anywhere.

「Let’s think about the vocab lists then.

Here’s a print from my lvl 21 vocab. You can see that 自制 (lvl 21 vocab) is still locked, correct? Even though I’m lvl 22? That’s right. The answer is simply because I haven’t done the lesson for 自制 yet. Plus, my progress bar is 100/108.」

EDIT: I haven’t guru’d 制 yet. That’s why it’s still locked. I still have 2 Kanji left to guru from lvl 21, that’s why the progress bar is 100/108.

EDIT 2: Which means that what I wrote below is also wrong. However, I can swear this didn’t work like this with me until yesterday. An item was only unlocked/active after I did its lesson, not when its lesson became available. Could it be possible that people had 2 different systems? :man_shrugging: Idk, I hope I’m not crazy, but I’m not the only one talking about this.

「Then why is it different in the Kanji/radical section?

If you check my prints above, you’ll see that I have 24 Kanji out of 31 unlocked/active (1st print) even though I only learned 9 (2nd print: 24-15=9). This is where the problem is. I only make a vocab active after I do its lesson, but for Kanji/radicals, they’re getting active simply because their lesson is available. In my case, I have 15 Kanji lessons left to do and only did 9. This is happening without any scripts activated (I tested) and this is what changed since yesterday. It used to work just like the vocab.」

Was someone doing reviews today when suddenly the review item changed for no reason while giving you a new one that you have already reviewed? Please tell me I’m not going crazy, but it happened with me several times today :roll_eyes: I had like 11 items reviewed and 7 left and all of the sudden I had 3 reviewed and 15 left.

Then, I go to the dashboard and everything gets fixed. It weiiiirrrdddddd

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