Just started level 5 - and it shows all radicals as active and half kanji as active

I have not done any of them yet and dont understand the separation. Error?

Isn’t that showing which items are unlocked? As in, they are available in your lessons?


Just to add to Leebo’s answer, the reason some of the kanji are unlocked is that they are made up of radicals that you have already learned in levels 1-4.


As above. Also, welcome!

Thanks for the answers. Yet still don’t get it.

Level 5 Radicals done so far: 0
Level 4 Radicals done so far: all

Yet visually they are the same (including the green status indicator showing max/max)

Level 5

Level 4

Because that is showing they are unlocked and the count is for how many are unlocked. All radicals unlock at a new level but not all kanji.

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Ah! Now I got it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

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