Not unlocking new kanji

Hi, not reporting this as a bug yet because it’s most likely that I’m missing something.

As you can (hopefully) see, I got all the radicals for this level up to guru and unlocked all the kanji but one. I don’t know why I didn’t unlock that one. I also attached a picture where you can see that the other radical in the kanji is burned. Can someone tell me why I haven’t unlocked this kanji yet?


Probably best to email them directly.

Okay, I wasn’t sure if i was missing something obvious like another prerequisite unlock or something and didn’t want to bother them. But if that doesn’t seem normal, then I can report it as a bug and see what happens.

Did you do all your lessons?


It’s probably that. I don’t like that the new dashboard doesn’t seem to differentiate between locked and not yet done items.


Anmerkung 2020-02-06 130427
it does differentiate for me, also says “go to lessons” or “locked” in the tooltip when hovering over it for me
do you have any of the reordering scripts? if so just start the lessons and set it to kanji first so you will see if it is there or not
looks more like a bug to me tho

I thin there is a upper limit for unlocked kanjis. When I start to progress kanjis and fill the bar they drop from pool, new kanjis get unlocked.

im relatively new to the site so maybe im missing something but isnt that just the 2 batches of kanjis each level has? 1st batch consists of radicals you already know so are unlocked immediately and for the 2nd batch you have to guru the corresponding radicals


You may be right. I didn’t pay that much attention. I just know that some kanjis unlocked later.

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