Kanji locked even if all radicals are guru

My level 17 原 kanji remained locked even if I got all the radicals. Is this a bug?



It should auto unlock with the level since that was a level 13 radical. Sometimes there are issues. I’d ping @viet in a situation like this.


All fixed up, @Satoko!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Help!!! Same thing, I was waiting for two Kanji to unlock until the last minute. Now moved on to level 17 those still locked, as well as related vocab from level 16. Not sure what is happening.

There was a bug we caught a couple weeks ago that was affecting if/when things were marked as unlocked. We’re still working on a broad fix for it, but @jasenko, you should be all set with some new lessons — it’s a batch of vocabulary and kanji going back to level 14. My apologies for the hassle!

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No problem, thanks… Saw them unlocked and first lessons of the day :slight_smile:

All good

Same thing happening to me. Lvl 12 消 and 歯 Kanji are locked even though all the radicals are guru.

This also seems to be happening to me with the level 36 kanji 牙.

I am having the same issue with my level 16 kanji.
All my radicals are guru’d and 65% of the kanji for this level are at guru, yet no new kanji unlocks.

I have the same issue with 提 on level 22.

I got the same problem on level 15, 3 kanji never unlocked despite levelup and all radicals being guru.

Same here, level 10, 8 kanji have not unlocked. Will be stuck on this level forever if its not fixed.

I got the same issue on level 10. Some kanji is not unlock even all radicals are guru.


We are still working on a broader fix as per Kanji locked even if all radicals are guru - #6 by oldbonsai

We’ve been testing the fix to make sure it works as intended within the scope identified, which is why its taking a while. It should be out within a few hours.


Hi, I’m a newbie on Level 3, but it looks like I got the same problem. All Radicals are on guru and there remain a couple of kanji unlocked.

Hi @stophle

Can you check your queue? We just issued a fix which should address the unlocks.

The kanji 喜 and the vocab associated with 品 are locked in level 16 even though I’m now level 18.

Not sure what’s happened

Anyone help?

Have you ever guru’d 壴 (radical for 喜) and 品?

I’ve mastered the Product radical 品 but haven’t learnt the kanji at all. I haven’t even learnt the Drum radical.

I thought you weren’t able to go up levels if you hadn’t learnt all radicals and kanji in the current level.