Undo script is now broken

Does anyone know if there is a new version of this script. I don’t have the best typing coordination and I get a lot of things wrong because of simple typos. The undo button saved me SO much time when I got a question wrong because of a typo or misspelling of the english word.

If anyone has a link plz share.

You want [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

It’ll be updated within the next couple of days to support the new layout.


Assuming I can stay awake long enough, I’ll have it ready tonight. :slight_smile:


You are our hero :heart_eyes:.
Don’t push yourself too much though.


that would be awesome- but +1 don’t push yourself!

People were talking about an “old.wanikani”, but I feel like a “preview.wanikani” for breaking changes that only popular script creators have access to would be more useful/cheaper. Think this is the first time in my on/off time that I’ve seen a breaking change like this.

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wrong thread. Whoops!

I built a workaround script that doesn’t have full functionality but may tide you over until the official fix is out.


thank you!!

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