Script to fix mistakes/ corrections


Been using wanikani for a month or so, think its great but is there a script/extension someone can point me to where I can correct a mistake? I already have somewhat of a base in Japanese/ Chinese characters so one thing that is a big negative imo is that I have to start from the beginning whereas I might be able to start from level 10 or so and save a lot of time not repeating things that I already know.

Now I am trying to rush through the levels I do know at the start as fast as possible and sometimes typos/ mistakes happen (the meaning I type I know is correct, but doesnt conform to wanikani’s definition etc). Thus I’d like to be able to correct those mistakes and fill in the ‘correct answer’ so I can move the SRS along faster.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Double Check is the script you want


perfect thank you!

Holy moly! I never thout about using an undo script!

I’ve had so much rage well up in me after mistyping a level up kanji or radical and losing myself 3 days of progress. Thanks for saving me from more of that!

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