New Layout is bad and I am pissed I can't undo

I have never been this infuriated at an update. Just because it is making my daily reviews much more painful than they already were and it hurts. Just wanted to make a crying post cause I am upset.


Refresh the browser, there’s your undo.


For sure. You only ever have 10 (?) half answered items going at a time. Complete some more answers fully if you wanna, then refresh your session, undone is complete. :+1:


It even has drawbacks to prevent you from using it unless you don’t absolutely need it.

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I realise that you are frustrated with the current changes and I don’t wish to inflame you further, but I’ve removed the profanity from your title. I hope you can appreciate why:


Yeah, good luck with that if you have any resemblence of a review pile to deal with.


Aye, no skin of my back though, I’ve never used scripts.

You can make a measured post discussing your frustrations and asking for advice, or you can throw around expletives and toss the toys out the pram. I feel like I responded in kind. :person_shrugging:


for now, I am just using flaming durtles (because anki mode script is not working) and avoiding this stress, there is already too much IRL I dont want to stain my Japanese studies with more :sweat_smile:

Sure, but it would probably make my review session damn near twice as long. Which is problematic if you spend an hour a day doing reviews.


Lack of undo is killing me. So far this session, I’ve put “bet” instead of “a bet”, “cloudy” instead of “cloudy weather” and had one I knew the reading for but failed on a typo.


I’m pissed too! I’m on vacation mode till the double-check is working, but i keep dipping my toe back in, redoing burnt items or recently missed, and I’ve just lost total enthusiasm. I get a meaning wrong and I don’t where to look for the right answer. My eyes are darting around. It’s tiring. The kanji composition is hidden by default and needs to be clicked separately, and then its all the way at the bottom so i can’t see it and meaning at the same time. I’m just totally demotivated to keep going, and after coming so far (slowly yes, but consistently.) It really sucks. The layout was fine before. I just can’t get over it or adjust, because it’s not just different (I’m actually someone who enjoys change) but it’s bad. And I don’t have patience because I paid for this. And it’s a daily exercise for me. It’s like as if I bought a TV a few years ago and then the makers came into my home and smashed the screen. I can still sorta makeout the picture, but it’s no fun to watch anything anymore


Yeah, without undo Wanikani is essentially unusable, the meanings provided are often overly specific and it’s just natural that they’re not going to be able to get all the reasonable answers for an item, it’s just not practical.


I don’t even care about scripts just this UI is unusable, at this point I feel like they are making it harder on purpose so people have to be suscribed for longer


Yea I feel ya. I originally wanted to push through and not make a post and then I got a typo on 1 kanji that would of got my lvl up on time. 1 mistake set me a day or 2 longer and I got so mad haha. I aint got time to get stupid shit wrong like this /;

And layout legit looks worse haha. Pretty strange update, just doing stuff no one asked for.


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