So, I've turned on some scripts, and questions are raised

With the scripts that I’ve turned on, I can now see what’s I’m going to be quizzed on during upcoming reviews.

Is it cheating to study the stuff for the upcoming reviews? I’m not sure how studying on a study site is cheating, but figured I’d ask… I don’t want to destroy the whole SRS structure.

Do you mean ultimate timeline? I have the setting where the whole bar is blue so I don’t know exactly what’s coming.

But yeah, studying right before a review defeats the purpose of that review, since all you proved was that your short term memory is working.


Aye. The point of the Spaced Repetition System is the spacing. The aim is not to get 100% in each review, but rather to get things stored in your long-term memory.


What if I’m studying for the things I can see coming up tomorrow? Same thing?

Well, I mean, if it’s things for tomorrow and the wait time was 48 hours, it’s not that bad.

But if it’s a burn review, meaning you waited 4 months for this review to arrive, there’s a big difference between testing your 4 month memory and your 24 hour memory.

Generally speaking, people advise “organic” studying, meaning exposing yourself to actual Japanese content where these words and kanji will appear. No one considers that cheating and it will just reinforce things more naturally.


Just focus on the stuff you get wrong right after the review session :slight_smile: Take a couple extra minutes to do so. That’s pretty much 80% of the work in terms of reviewing on WK.


Maybe a good idea to turn that script off


Timeline has a setting to disable item details.

It’s worth noting, though, that you can use it to know what *not* to study if you have a regular drilling schedule.


Honestly, I wouldn’t study Kanji at all. Just drop it entirely, save for your WK reviews and lessons. Unless there’s kanji you want to learn to write by hand, your time is better served focusing on other aspects of Japanese. Use that time to study grammar, or work on speaking/listening.

If you keep up with your lessons and reviews, you’ll eventually hit a point in WaniKani where you need to spend over an hour every day just continuing to keep up. Let yourself fail the reviews that you don’t remember, and allow SRS to do its work.


Well, I’m not in a position to be able to study like that yet.

Thanks guys. I’m going to turn that script off.

Well, I mean, you can use a textbook or something. That will have level-appropriate content.

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Yeah. And I am spending a lot of time in Genki.

How come? Multiple people have mentioned that there’s a setting to turn item details off…

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The first time I used this script, I felt annoyed, because I don’t want to be reminded which specific item that will test me on WaniKani. But, when I learned that I could turn it off from the setting, not anymore. Although I almost never use my Chrome browser to review items because I can’t use text completion on my touchbar as easily as when I use Safari on my Mac, I like to see the graphs and my WK dashboard on Chrome. I also use my iPad, iPhone and/or other Android gadgets to review, so I don’t rely on this script that much while commuting.


For me, it’s okay to be reminded about kanji/vocabs that I’ve learned, but not on WaniKani site, like on NHK TV, WakuWaku Japan TV, Apple Music J-Pop Lyrics, NHK Web Easy, tweets by native japanese, YouTube videos by native Japanese. If only I had much more budgets, I would buy and read Japanese Graded Readers one at a time.

But it’s just my personal preference, it may work differently on each individual. I’m not the type of being overwhelmed by “Oh, so many unlocked items, things to learn”. I’m the type of feeling constricted by too many apprentice items (It’s okay for me to have more than a hundred apprentice items, but I like to keep it low again in about a week). Maybe if you feel overwhelmed by too much information to absorb, it’s good to turn it off, and focus on WK & genki.

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re: Safari vs Chrome,

Are you saying Timeline/Dashboard aren’t working for you on Safari?

No. I don’t want to use my time to learn again how to use tampermonkey on Safari.

And also, I don’t know how to use autocompletion on my touchbar work on Chrome just like when I use autocompletion perfectly well on safari.

And also, my 2017 MBP battery seems to drain faster when I use Chrome :sob:

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