Ultimate Timeline, is it considered cheating


It’s just a joke, since it sounded like you were saying I didn’t know that you can learn a lot of kanji and vocab here. Even though I knew you didn’t mean it that way.


Make sure you never see a WK Kanji outside of WK while studying grammar or your SRS may get messed up and it will instantly leave your brain never to be learned again.


Seriously, don’t look at what’s coming up…make sure you know it, then take the quiz. But DO expose yourself to the Kanji and vocabulary as much as possible while studying grammar/reading.


You’re paying for WK either way. I don’t think it’s really possible to “cheat,” all you’d be doing is not getting as much value for your money as other people are.


I see… your are right, it may look like that too. :joy:


The default should probably be to not show details.

The reason it shows details by default is because I originally wrote the script for myself, to fit my personal study method. I actually used the details to know what NOT to study before upcoming reviews.

My study method involved reviewing all prior levels on a revolving schedule. But I never knew what items were coming up in the SRS reviews, and didn’t want to study those items too soon before a review. This is also why I expanded the max timeline to two weeks instead of one.


Kaniwani probably will mess with the SRS a bit, but you have to draw the line somewhere. If you do a lot of actual Japanese reading, or even textbook grammar study, you’re likely to run into kanji coming up on your SRS. Obviously worrying about the SRS shouldn’t stop you from studying actual Japanese.


Not really, there are already about 50,000 threads discussing this.


I don’t understand. As others said, it is quite obvious that it defeats the purpose and is cheating yourself, and then you compromise like that? It’s the same thing, really…Like people said, do whatever you want, it’s your money. Just don’t blame WK when you can’t understand kanji after “finishing.”


I don’t understand what the big fuss is about it “defeating the purpose”.

Your brain isn’t “all or nothing”. It doesn’t randomly decide to remember a Kanji less well because it knows that you looked at it and reviewed it a few hours before the ‘review’ time was. Besides, the review intervals are arbitrary anyway and can’t cater to everyone’s individualised memory capacity. Just because someone is likely to ‘forget’ an item in 2, 4, 8 hours as set out by this specific SRS system, doesnt mean that someone else will conform to these exact intervals.

The “purpose” of WK is to help you remember Kanji in the long term. But nowhere does it say that you arent allowed to revise the Kanji outside of it. That’s like saying “Use only our program to learn the Kanji, but don’t go practice reading the words and Kanji you’ve learned”. Also, you may have noticed this, but you dont truly “Learn” any Kanji or vocabulary until you read it somewhere in its native script. Maybe its just me, but have you ever noticed how sometimes when reading an article you can read the Kanji perfectly but then in WK when it comes up as a single item you struggle to remember it?

If anything it makes sense in terms of minimising the amount of time you spend on WK and therefore the cost to you.

The more you revise, the better. Trust me, your memory of the Kanji wont be lost because you reviewed it 2 hours before it was ‘due’.


Why wont he get that prize?

If anything, he’s more likely to remember it than a person who reviews only at the due time because hes had nearly double the exposure. Hes seen it in his review AND when WKs set due time. Remember, its in WK’s best interest that you get it wrong - because you spend longer paying for the service (unless you have lifetime subscription).

SRS is good for those who want to do the minimum amount required. But don’t mistake it as penalising those who do more on top of whats required. If a person who uses a SRS system to study for an exam set 2 weeks in the future, I can guarantee you a person who reviews it daily or “a few hours” before the exam will probably do better.


There’s no sense in calling something burned if you reviewed it right before the burn review comes, and you didn’t know it at that time. That’s the key thing he was pointing out. If you’re going to review stuff in between, have at it, no one is arguing against that. But when you don’t know an item, and advance it through the SRS anyway, you haven’t actually demonstrated that level of knowledge yet, even if you may get there some day.

The thing being argued against is just the “I know I don’t know this item well now, so I’m going to review it ahead of the SRS stage SO THAT it gets advanced in the SRS anyway.”

Your “review it every day” hypothetical person isn’t getting reviews wrong in that way.


It’s missing for the “Basic” version that I poked rfindley for. I am one of only 3 downloads, according to Greasyfork. It looks like the regular Timeline. XD


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