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Hi everyone.I am new to this site and forum, hope everyone is ok. When I am doing reviews and get asked questions about the readings for a particular kanji, I keep getting certain questions wrong even though I know the answer because for some reason wanikani is not recognising readings with yo or u hiragana characters. The only way I can progress is by copying and pasting the exact same answer I have tried to type( but from the wanikani answer) ? Can anyone help me and explain what is going on ? Many thanks


You’re probably mistyping the contractions. にゅ (nyu) is different from にゆ (niyu), for example. Read this.

Also, welcome!

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Welcome @tomu1967!

Make sure to read the FAQ and the Guide, there is a lot of good info in these for new users. If you’re looking for further resources check out the community compiled list of resources. For extra features and fixes for those small things which keep bugging you consult The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps.

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Hey, @tomu1967 ! :sparkles:

Wasn’t @rodrigowaick just absolutely helpful? Let is know if you run into any more problems!

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Many thanks for the replies and messages of welcome. They have helped me to some degree, in that I can see what the problem actually is. However, I do not have a Japanese keyboard (as the enclosed guide from rodrigowaick states) , nor any means of installing one. The problem seems to be that I need to know how to type the small yo and yu characters on a Romaji keyboard.

Many thanks again

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Put an “x” in front of yo and yu. The IME will pick that up and you’ll see it come out smaller.

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You don’t need to type them by themselves; use the contractions. きゅう = kyuu, not kixyuu


You don’t have to, but you can. I can’t remember the contractions well, but I can type smaller.

but… the contractions are just the sounds they make, it’s so much simpler


:thinking: I guess I should probably start switching to that method, then.

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Again, thanks for getting back to me. I don’t think the contractions will work if there is not some kind of Japanese keyboard installed. If I am wrong, I am happy to hear how this can be done without that keyboard. So in the meantime, I will try hakusaro’s tip on my next review, arigatou gozaimasu everyone.

It works just fine on WK



WK is designed so you need nothing but an English keyboard. It looks at what you type every time, and if possible converts your romaji letters into hiragana. No Japanese keyboard required.


Yes, it’s probably better to use the English keyboard than a Japanese one for Wanikani (because then you won’t cheat and preview the kanji to see if you were right before submitting enter).

@tomu1967, just type the letters like it’s written on the chart. ちゅう is just “chuu” (or “tyuu” if you prefer). きょう is just “kyou”.

Protip: You can write ち as “ti” instead of “chi” and し as “si” instead of “shi”.


and つ as “tu”.

sorry, I had to


WaniKani will convert your input to hiragana automatically, so you can burn turtles from any device without having to install anything.

Just type nyuu that you wil get にゅう.

Good turtle-burning image


Thanks for the help everyone but the typing x tip is the only one that seems to work for me.

That’s weird. WK’s built in IME should work the same on any keyboard. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that it’s weird.

What happens when you type “jyou” for example? Do you not get じょう (上)? What do you get? Also, if you paste “jyou” into the input field, it should automatically convert to hiragana じょう. Does that work?

(I know there can be a long wait between reviews and the kanji you’re reviewing may not be 上, but try it as an example without pressing the Enter key. )

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That really shouldn’t happen, WK is supposed to handle the conversion. Have you tried using a different browser, or mobile? At least with the x you can get your review correctly, glad that worked.

You forgot "du” and “di”.


Don’t think I’ve seen a ぢ yet (have I?). 楽しみ。