Typing milk


i have copied and pasted this to get the right answer, but how do I get the にゅう part right? I have tried and all I can get is にゆう。

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niyuu => にゆう
nyuu => にゅう

giyuu => ぎゆう
gyuu => ぎゅう


Is this a record for the highest level account to ask this? Have you been copy/pasting until now?


My thought exactly. By now you’ve guru’d almost eight hundred kanji and over two and a half thousand vocab items. How can you possibly not have worked out how to type a small ゅ until now?


I was thinking that too! :open_mouth:
gasp … I think the same way as my senpais …

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I think this deserves a medal or something, that’s honestly impressive.


Bonus points for having a user name that includes this type of combo sound within it.


Hmm… :thinking:


My mind goes seriously blank at times. Though typing hiragana is pretty much second nature by now, I often look at a common kanji or vocab item and it’s as if I’ve never seen it before. Seriously, I can look at something like 月 and have no idea at all what it is! These things happen.


I’d rather drink the milk

But I like your style


Well that made me lol ^^

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Yeah, my mind just went blank. But I have to be typing this word a lot, so I decided to ask, knowing full well that the internet is full of bullies. In regards to my username, I made it when I didn’t know any Japanese, and I decided to keep it.

I hope that somehow being a jerk online has made you feel better about your day. Thanks.

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Was anyone a jerk?

Level 24 is pretty advanced, so it’s just surprising to see this topic from a non-level 1 account.


Are you comfortable typing in Japanese? You might want to look up a guide and familiarise yourself so you can be sure you can type things like ぢ and づ too.

How to Type in Japanese (And Fun Characters Too!) exists as do many others.

Or do you mean you just forgot how to do it for this combination? If so, pardon me.

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Considering that many of the responses weren’t helpful but instead called out the fact that they should know better, I could see how they would construe it that way.

Whether or not you agree with me, many of the posts on this thread come off as impertinent and/or condescending.


You’re right. Sorry about that.

</not sarcastic>


Should I take this time to mention that it took me a little while to figure out how to type in the
– for bidama in the list? Especially since I have a japanese keyboard add on on my phone.

I have finally realized that i can just type a hyphen and it’ll work.


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ビー玉 is probably the most frustrating word I’ve seen until now. I just automatically assume that it asks for pronunciation an try to type びいだま :'D


You’ll be seeing ハート形 soon. :sweat_smile:

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It doesn’t work. I’ve tried it