Having trouble with answering new Kanji

Hi all, love the site but the issue is I made an account forever ago (I think WaniKani was still beta?) I have no idea what I did then, but didn’t come back until a day ago. So I might have skipped passed the initial tutorial stuff.

Anyway, I’m having trouble with a kanji attached

So far I’ve been memorizing the values under “important reading (onyomi)” section and I’m typing ni-yu-u, but for this answer in particular it keeps saying I’m wrong, would love it if someone can help correct me on this?

Thanks so much.

nyuu not niyuu :+1:


You write nyu because that is a small yu. Have you studied kana before you started wanikani?


Oh I see, yeah I thought I did (evidently not enough), but I didn’t know it works like that on the computer, I assumed the computer only inputted each symbol/character, so basically I typed out each one I wanted the ni-symbol, the yu-symbol and the u-symbol, not the I guess proper equivalent which is just the nyuu haha thanks!

I think thats it, thank you mate!

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