Typing issue


I’ve searched for similar threads and noob areas and cannot find anything, so can anyone direct me to where I can get help typing kanji readings? Please and thank you!


Here’s a very comprehensive guide by Tofugu (the same people behind WaniKani) on how to type in Japanese ^^ this should help you in typing your responses for the kanji and vocab readings!

Note: WaniKani has a built-in IME for when you’re entering the Japanese readings, so everything they mention on that article applies to how you’d answer on reviews =)


Thanks MissMisc, I am definitely bookmarking that page. However, my issue is specific to a certain kanji in one of my lessons (the one for “above”) and when I do it the hiragana shown matches the reading in the lesson but I still get it wrong. I must be spelling it wrong in romaji, but I’ve tried all the combos I can think of that create the right hiragana.


You’re most likely typing じよう and not じょう.

Make sure you’re typing jou or jyou and not jiyou


The word is じょう with a small ょ. It’s important you learn to recognise the distinction, because じょう and じよう are different words. MissMisc’s link covers this in the section headed “Contractions”.


Noob fail. That’s why I came here! Thanks so much!


Everyone’s a newbie to start with, and to be honest, there are still times when I misread the small っ as a big つ.


Ey you’re finally a golden lvl 60! Congrats! Can’t wait to join you!


YESSS — haha thank you! ^^ you’re doing so well, keep it up! I’ll see you there :clap::clap: