Answering the kanji quizzes

I’m writing the ," readings " part of the kanji quizzes correctly but they still come back as wrong. It’s for the word enter but I’m stuck and can’t move forward.

You type the big よ what it’s looking for is じょ (jyo / jo)


Thank you! That actually helped me out quite a bit :blush:

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Have you studied hiragana? It will be very useful in the long run, and you will find it quite difficult if you don’t know it.
Have a look at the tofugu article on learning hiragana if you don’t, that’s how I learned it :grin::crab:

(I only ask because of the distinction between じよ and じょ)

Hi Skruex,

Welcome and have fun learning kanji!

For your information, and in case you need it in the near future, there are many more “Why is my answer marked wrong?” in this topic of the FAQ:

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