Two faced / Liar

Hey, I didn’t quite understand what this meant, even after the explanation so I asked my girlfriend (日本人) who said it means like two faced (talking two different ways? Or speaking behind people’s back?) I feel like synonyms or explanation should be a little different on this word?

4 Likes listed the definition as:
double-dealing; duplicity; equivocation; double-tongued​ (Idiomatic expression)

Maybe these would be helpful alternative meanings. I agree there could be more explanation on this one.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: … for some reason I never questioned this vocab … and went thinking it was related to people doing this with their tongue :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

So, after all this time I’ve found out it means something in the lines of “treacherous” :open_mouth: … cool! … makes sense… :sweat_smile:


But it’s right there in “alternative meanings”. Also all the example sentences make this clear that it’s metaphorical and not literal.


I think maybe “snake tongue” is a more appropriate translation because it have a negative connotation to it.


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