TVer access

Is anyone here able to access TVer outside of Japan? I’m using international VPN.

I’m in Japan, so maybe I can’t help too much, but I have experience with getting my VPN to work for stuff in America.

Have you tried using (in addition to your VPN) something like Chrome’s dev tools (ctrl+shift+i) where you could set your location to Tokyo?

I used this to overcome issues with YoutubeTV.

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I live in America and have never heard of TVer.
However, we do get TV Japan here (also in Canada)

Enjoy a wide variety of programs, from NHK news live from Japan, to the latest drama and movies, documentaries, variety, music, lifestyle, hobby/culture, animation and children’s programs.
With programs primarily coming from NHK, we also deliver select programming from other broadcasters such as TBS, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Nippon Television, ■■■■, and WOWOW.
Also, you can enjoy watching programs in crystal clear High Definition (HD) through most service providers.


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I just tried this and was still having trouble. The VPN was also have trouble with other sites as well so it could be my end.

Edit: I just had updated a new location on the VPN so thats not the problem. When my wife was in Japan, even her ios device (from US) was not allowing TVer using Japanese sim card. I

yes, it works in japan and outside japan.

I don’t know about a vpn but if you have a PC you can use “DNS Jumper” and then just set it to one of the many free Tokyo dns that are available from

Didn’t work for me. Probably basing it off IP address.

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Did you use it with a VPN? It doesn’t work on its own, only with the VPN also, when the VPN isn’t getting the right location.

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Oh no. Thought you meant that could be an alternative, instead of a full VPN. Was skeptical it would work, but turns out I can’t read.


Thanks for the tips. I eventually found a usable VPN to for TVer that works well on my macbook. However they require an app only available in Japan to operate ios devices which I can’t find (I can run Japanese Netflix just fine). Again, even an international simcard didn’t circumnavigate access.

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