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I just recently got a Japanese VPN and have been using it for Spotify and was wounding what other people are using a Japanese VPN for?

Any cool Japan only sites?

Thank you,

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Which one are you using?

I am using Bit-Defender for virus protection and paying extra for VPN service.

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I use sometimes with the Japanese versions of Netflix and Amazon but I heard that it might not be necessary with Amazon…


Cool, any exclusive shows you recommend?

I’ve gone back to Amazon lately and surprised by a decent selection. Just saw 闇金ウシジマくん (though doesn’t have original series) and 東京女子図鑑. Does anyone know an extension like SubaDub or LLN to get dual subtitles?

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I use SoftEther VPN. I can use it to get Japanese Netflix, but haven’t tried it for much else. It’s also free.



Netflix Japan has a lot of really good anime that you can’t find elsewhere without embedded english subs, and also some… okay other stuff. I have trouble finding live actions shows that aren’t too corny for me, but I recently was watching 楽園 and was enjoying it (but warning for unnecessarily icky content).
That’s really the only thing I use my VPN for… well, if you’re on your VPN while watching youtube, you get Japanese ads, which is kind of fun. スマホガネットデ買エル :frog::musical_note:

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It’s not w Amazon. For physical things like books I just pay the US equivalent of the price and the shipping fee. For digital I used the guide on here and put in a fake address(real place, but I’m not there) and no issues.

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I heard of people getting locked out of JP Kindle purchases if they log in too many times without a VPN – but apparently you can just log in again with a VPN occasionally and it should be fine…

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I see. Well I’ll deal with that when it happens

I might just be completely technologically illiterate, but I can’t figure out how to run a VPN through my router so the whole network is showing in another country and I can thus watch Netflix on my TV without worrying about geolocked content.

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I’m no expert either but wouldn’t that mean the VPN is working? Since showing you’re in a different country is what it is supposed to do?

That would mean its working, but I cant get it to to do that, so it’s not working. I worded that weird, I’m sorry.

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Computers, man

Words, man.

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