Best places to watch Japanese-language TV in the US?

I’m trying to immerse myself in as much Japanese media as possible, and one area I’m having trouble filling in is Japanese-language television. I use Crunchyroll, but there’s a lot that doesn’t end up on there because it’s not anime. I also watch NHK World, but that’s in English. I also have American cable, but I don’t get any Japanese-language channels (as far as I know). There’s also YouTube and NicoNico, but I’d like to watch some broadcast TV as well. And my Japanese isn’t good enough yet to find this sort of thing on my own.

So, then: Where do you go to watch Japanese TV? Bonus points if it’s live!

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Get a VPN and go on AbemaTV (either the app or the website)

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I have been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix Japan.

Netflix or for live stuff I had a japannettv subscription. But I cancelled it because as it turns out I just can’t deal with a TV running all the time, even if it is in Japanese. Other than that it was ok enough. The app was not perfect but I liked it.

A VPN would help tremendously. But some caveats about them.
I tried a lot of services, and sadly Netflix doesn’t take much time to block any suspicious IP address, so most of them end up been useless.

The best solution I found was getting a dedicated and unique IP address VPN service. I use TorGuard, but I guess there’re some others.

I can now go smoothly over Netflix Japan, which is a terrific resource!!

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Sometimes painfully so…


Seriously. Not only is everything said in Japanese dubbed, but the programs are also narrated in a way that makes it feel like they were made for toddlers. Why, oh why, can’t they make the NHK World material like their normal tv shows? :sob:


Netflix Canada has a lot of great Japanese content.

But usually I Google for popular shows and stream it. You can find the streams with a quick “X watch online” where X is the show name.

(For some reason or another, I wasn’t being allowed to send you a link so I deleted this message then thought of telling you this way)
For live tv, you can subscribe to F u j i t v Live
There’s a one day free trial period.

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Ive tried a few VPNs and Smart DNSs with netflix (even ones that said worked with netflix), but never had much luck. One actually worked for like 20 minutes then kicked me out. Though, I think they were set up like NATs on shared IPs and not a dedicated IP.

TorGuard seems a reasonable price. Has the service been reliable with TorGuard? Also speed, do you experience any buffering.

Also do you know if these will work via Linux or Android TV. I used an OPVN on Linux before but it seems that by DNS requests were still from my own DNS, also i would using it on Android TV would be beneficial for obvious reasons.

If this works out my netflix account might actually get some use, which it hasnt gotten for a bit of time.

Thank you.

So far in terms of speed It’s pretty good, no buffering at all.
I’ve been using this VPN for about 2 weeks… so far so good.

Most of the other VPNs I tried usually failed within the first days, so in the end I was only using the VPN Gate option (it’s free) which works great, since you don’t get blocked, but there’s a lot of buffering problems.

The app they use it’s available in Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows… so I guess you should be ok.:+1:

PS: For now I must say that the VPN and Japanese Netflix thing it’s only the icing of the cake in terms of my immersion… there’s lots of Japanese content on my regional netflix too, animelon, viki, etc. :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I will check TorGuard out. Did you need to email them for dedicated IP address for japan.

Also i just looking at which is interesting. Japan Netflix has the biggest movie catalogue, even more than US (just bit short of 800 movies). Impressive.

Japan (Movies): 4,839
America (Movies): 4,052
Canada (Movies): 4,015
UK (Movies): 3,616

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