Turn off kanji and radical review

Is it possible to bypass the Kanji and Radical lessons and only do vocab? I feel like the learning the Kanji separate from the vocab that it appears in is making me look at the vocab in parts instead as one whole.

No, but if you only want to do vocab, look at Kitsun.io. It’s like Anki but on steroids and better in every meaningful way.


You could also look into Torii, if you’re looking for a free option to learn just vocab. And there’s Anki, of course.

Edit; and I personally think there is great merrit in learning kanji readings and meanings. If I only did vocab, I would know that vocab and nothing else. Knowing kanji means I can run into unknown jukugo and might be able to infer what they mean from the kanji combo, and have a good chance at knowing how it’s read.

Everyone has their preferences, but I think it’s a big boon to know kanji, as well as vocab.


Ok thanks, I just wanted to keep up with my wanikani reviews as well but will check it out!

That will naturally fade with usage, just as grammar rules eventually become intuitive rather than conscious. Also, in another dozen levels or so, you will discover that knowing the components will help you understand vocabulary that you haven’t even learned yet.

I recommend doing it as Wanikani designed, even if it doesn’t seem best right now.


And if your experience is anything like mine, you will find in considerably less than a dozen levels or so that most of your time is spent on vocabulary anyway! I get to a new level these days and I’m like, “Alright, just a couple more weeks churning through the previous level’s hundreds of new vocabulary items and then I can spend three days learning this next level’s radicals and kanji!” Which I guess is to just echo: stick with it and you may be surprised at how quickly the radicals and kanji feel like they fade into the background anyway :slight_smile:


It better be because that’s an another subscription service.

Aye, you’re, of course, correct. It doesn’t have to be a subscription though when you can pay for Lifetime.