Tsurukame Bug or Issue? How to turn off

Does anyone else have this problem with tsurukame. I don’t want to see stats Wanikani level. Also why doesn’t it show the member kanji as visually similar when I’m looking at the buy kanji ,

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Just ignore them?


I’ve not personally used this app before, can you not toggle them in a menu?

If it’s not a bug and you can’t toggle them away then as Kraits suggested your only options might be to try and ignore it or find another app to use for WK :sweat_smile: sorry if that isn’t the answer you wanted, I’m not sure what other solutions there are.

I also use Tsurukame and as far as I’m aware there’s no way to toggle displaying the WaniKani level. As for the app not showing the other similar kanji, that seems like it is probably a bug. I would report it here. You could try requesting a toggle for displaying the item’s level too.

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