Displayed kanji not changing

Since the new vocab started being added, my app is having an issue. During the first quiz after learning the five words it seems to get stuck and only displays one word regardless of what answer it wants. So say my lessons were the following:


The quiz would give me 足 and ask for either the reading or the meaning as usual, but would expect me to give the meaning for 必死. It makes trying to learn the new vocab really tricky. Any ideas? :confused:

When you say your app, do you mean the website, or an actual app?

If it’s an app, that’s not a WK bug.

If it’s the website, try turning off your plugins and see if it still occurs. This way you can narrow down the issue to the website itself or the plugins.

I haven’t seen any issues personally.

It’s the app on my phone. I haven’t used desktop wani for a long while and don’t use any scripts on it or anything :’)

Ah, yeah, you might want to submit a bug report with them then, as it wouldnt be a WK issue. Though my つるかめ app has been working fine as well, which is where I do most of my reviews these days.

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Thanks very much!


Thanks for responding (and having a great answer)!

If you’re having issues with a third-party script or program, we recommend reaching out to the creator(s) :slightly_smiling_face:

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As far as I know, only Tsurukame on IOS and Flaming Durtles on Android are still actively updated, so if it’s neither of those you may be out of luck.

I use Tsurukame and it’s working fine.

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