Review penalty on Tsurukame

I’ve noticed that on the Tsurukame app, there’s an option in the settings to toggle minimizing penalties during reviews where you’re only dropped down in the SRS level once no matter how many times you get the item wrong during a given review. This is enabled by default, so my question is: does anyone that uses this app here turn this option off and if so, has that helped in any way?

Honestly the app has so many options for reviews that I can’t make up my mind on how I want to to set them up, haha.

There is no official WK app, and a bunch of unofficial apps, so you should probably mention the name of the app that you are using


Noted, and I’ve gone back and revised my post. Thanks.

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On the WaniKani website, the SRS rank goes down by two ranks instead of one of the item was at Guru or higher. (Technically it can go down even more if you get it wrong several times in the same review session.) I have no idea what turning the feature off does in that app, but personally I like that the rank goes down by two instead of one on the website. It means I’ll get to review it again sooner after getting it wrong, which I found beneficial.


I used Tsurukame all the way to 60 and I never used that option. I found it more beneficial for long term recall to drop items down the way WK does it by default.

If you’re interested, here are my settings:

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These are pretty close to what I have mine set to, the only differences being review order and the Japanese keyboard toggle. I’d been experimenting with different review orders, but I think I’ll go back to random.

I was also considering downloading some of the optional Japanese fonts to use for reviews. The ones the app offers are more varied than the fonts I was seeing from using the Jitai userscript on WK, lol.


Yeah I tried all the others as well before settling on random. I just found recall to be better with random.

I used the font randomizer and while it was pretty cool, I honestly would just immediately tap the screen to get the default font, although I never got around to disabling it.

with Jitai, you can also install your own fonts, so you can get a lot of variation.

on WK, if you get a review wrong repeatedly during the same session, it will drop the item down more than if you just got it wrong once (a guru item might drop all the way to apprentice 1, in an extreme case). Tsurukame, because it doesn’t transmit the results to WK immediately, can tell WK that you only got it wrong once.

personally, if i get something wrong that badly, i think i probably need some extra work on it. so i’ve disabled that feature on Tsurukame.

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