App Problems

Ohayou mina-san!

I was using the unofficial WaniKani app when I didn't have access to my PC whilst at a friends house, and I came across a bug/glitch thingy and I had NO IDEA where to even start looking to see if it had been talked about or not, plus I'm a little pressed for time, so I thought it couldn't hurt to make a new topic? =)
Okay so typing in the radical names works just fine, but then it asked me to type in a different kind of definition?
Sorry I know, I'm a giant noob to all this fancy kanji stuff.
But regardless, it was asking for an answer in ROMAJI but was only letting me input the answer in hiragana and I literally could not get it to work, and then I began to worry about my level because I was inputting it in wrong so many times.
I have gone back to just using the official website as I feel that's the fastest and best way to (excuse Aussie slang) "flog" through it.  ^_^

Thanks for any and all input, fellow Crabigators! ^_^

You didn’t really specify what platform you use or which app specifically (e.g.: there are many “unofficial” apps on Android), so we can’t help you there. We probably wouldn’t be able to help you at all actually, since your description of the problem is pretty vague and you’d need to have some luck finding the developer of the specific app you’re using.

That being said: are you sure you were looking at a radical and not just kanji/vocabulary? On the site there is a difference in background colour, but can’t say the same for the app you’re using.
If you can only input hiragana, then you have to input the reading of the kanji/vocab word, just like on the site.

I don’t really use the WK app very much, but I’m not sure why it would ever ask you for the romaji since WK uses only English and hiragana. Did it say to use romaji somewhere? Or was it just an repeated issue with the kana input?
Could you post which item it was in particular?