Trust Level Increase: Automatic?

I came across the Olympian challenge the other day, and I’d like to participate. To get on the leaderboard, you have to edit the wiki and add yourself. You can only do this if you’re Trust Level 2: Member.

According to the Discourse blog on level requirements, I believe I should be meeting the minimum requirements for level 2.

Is this something that automatically applies? If so, am I misunderstanding my stats?

Thanks in advance for any help! And, apologies if I missed another thread describing this. I tried to search around, but I may have missed it.


It is automatic, but I think it is not instantaneous, so if you just met the requirements you may have to wait a while


Have you asked someone in that thread to add you to the wiki? It’s pretty standard for group members with member roles to add those not yet initiated.


Okay! I was wondering about that. I think the day count was my last thing I needed to hit, and I got it just a couple of days ago.

Thanks for the info!


I haven’t! The days visited counter was the only thing I had outstanding, and I was 8 or so days to go. So, I figured I’d wait and hit that to keep from bothering others for it.

If it’s normal, I’ll go post and ask for a hand! :smile: Thank you for the suggestion!

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One small detail - I believe that anything done in the Campfire catagory does not count towards your stats of upgrading forum status.

To encourage and reward people to engage in the “proper” parts of the forum, rather than just mess around in the misc section.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. ^^ You’ll have Member status in no time, I’m sure.


Aren’t a lot of the Regulars people that spend a lot of time on the poll thread (or similar)? :joy:



I was indeed just thinking that posts read in Campfire does contribute to forum status. :thinking:

But I also remember poll peeps losing Regular because they didn’t comment or like outside of Campfire.


Oh, interesting! I didn’t know about that. II wonder if some of my requirements like Likes given and received or something are from Campfire. Probably so!

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