Trunklayer's Study Log


Well, everyone has been making study logs lately, so I guess I might as well do the same…
This is a study log of a small cat trying to learn Japanese


Currently, my main tasks are:

  • WK reviews (and lessons when they come)
  • Reading NHK Easy News
  • Reading ゆるキャンプ which I haven’t done in the last few days and shoule return to
  • Taking notes on WK kanji. While I myself is level 25 at this moment, I have reached level 56 in my notes. Once I finish take notes on all the WK kanji, I’ll be able to concentrate on taking notes on vocab.
  • Taking notes on Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. So far, I’ve reached ごとに。
    This log might help me with studies or it might distract me… We shall see…

25 will be your lucky number :smile_cat:


I think you should add “Caption a picture of a cute cat in Japanese everyday” to your studies.


Well, here’s today’s entry (I hope to update it during the course of the day).
So far, I’ve added the examples to the ごとに:

It seems, 挨拶 and both its kanji were added to WK after I took notes on level 44 kanji (or they used to be higher level), because I didn’t find those kanji in my notes, so I added them too.
Now - time for reviews.
Got 83% - forgot 広告、評論、自在 and 対応。Also, made a typo in 妨げる。Still, I’ve had much worse sessions.
Added some more 56 level kanji - up to, and including, 錯.
Also added new radical to my radical collection 尉 - I called it “Military”. So far, I know two kanji containing it - 尉 and 慰。
Done another review session. Confused 祝 with 況。Also entered wrong reading for 領収書。Also, confused 環 with 境、thinking of the word 環境。Entered wront reading for 長袖。Once again forgot 公示。Made a typo in 震度。Despite all that, got 92%.

Finished adding words from this poster and finally managed to read it:

I found it a bit harder to read than things I usually read, because it seems to be more polite.
For example, instead of 「屋外で待ってください」it says 「屋外でお待ちいただくこともあります」


Why do you do this?
P.S. Being about the same level, do you have any advice for grammar/reading? I should probably be doing some of that…


So great to see you have started a study log @trunklayer! Good luck with it, and with all your studies! Would you like to add it to the study log master list? I hope you do!


No, it’s this:


Thank you, I’ve just done it!


Because it was made by a small clumsy cat! :cat2:
(the app I mean, not the X Window System from 90s) :sweat_smile:

Suppose I see a kanji, for example 覇。Let’s say I saw it in a printed version, so I can’t copy-paste it in jisho. Well, jisho does have the option of searching by radicals, and it’s very useful, but it takes time to find the correct radicals, because those are not WK radicals

With my notes I can just click on a radical (by its name) and see all the kanji that use that radical (well, the ones I’ve added to my notes, I mean). And there I see it.
Or I can go through all the kanji that use a certain radical to compare their meanings and readings.
Of course, I can use WK itself for this, but a - my notes have some kanji that aren’t on WK and b - making such notes helps me memorize them. Also, sometimes I find it easier to split the kanji into radicals in a different way - like 働 is much better as “Leader + move” than “Leader + Heavy + Power”, in my opinion.

Well, many recommend BunPro, but for now I prefer slowly studying “A dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”.


This kind of picture should be illegal as it forces you to like the post immediately.

Ah no…the cat isn’t happy with this.



Better times. Go to computerlab, log into computer, echo in xterm. “Other people are logged onto this system, you don’t need a window for every program.” Rc files overwritten, again. Start xclock manually, again. Compilers in my profile are gone, again.


Originally, I thought I was going to have to use one post per day and update it, but seeing how many people post here, it seems I don’t need to worry about “no more than three posts in a row” :sweat_smile:

Anyway, for some reason, NHK Easy News seem to be late today… Usually, they have new news by this time… Oh well, in any case, I’m looking forward to reading them once they update.
Yesterday’s ones were quite easy. It’s a pity about clam hunting though…

I’ve added all the 56 level kanji to my notes.
Also, had another review session - forgot 事情、made a typo in 各~、typed “indication” instead of “instruction” for 指示、and made a typo for 領土、so, only 88%…
Had another review session; only made one mistake - forgot 防止。
Still no new NHK Easy News…
Did another session and some more reading of ゆるキャンプ。
It seems there have been no NHK Easy News today… I wonder if today was a holiday in Japan - NHK Easy News usually don’t update on holidays…


Wow, I just read the Tofugu review and it sounds pretty great…

I tried Bunpro, but it’s hard to mange multiple SRS systems…


And so it is!
Btw, do you have a Discord? Mine is trunklayer#1810


I really like it! I should use Bunpro too but… :sweat_smile:

@trunklayer Hooray for the study log!!! It’s nice to read about your reviews…I may copy your idea and share my misses too in hopes of remembering the missed ones. :cherry_blossom:


Does that mean you have the book? Or are you talking about 文プロ


Yes! I have a copy of Dictionary of Basic Grammar… I think I have the intermediate level volume as well. It’s really well laid out and helpful.


Heh, today seems to be starting earlier than usual, cause I was awoken by acid reflux…
Oh well, in a way it’s for the better: I have quite a lot to do and the sooner I start - the better.
Anyway, yesterday was quite productive, though it’s a pity there were no new NHK Easy News…
Had 92 reviews, failed only 2 - forgot the reading for 関連 and made a typo in アメリカ製。
Also, done some lessons and added some vocab items to my notes.
Added some more items and done some more reviews.
Also, finally, new NHK Easy News have appeared; unfortunately, I can’t read them right now, because I have some work to do…
Finally, some time for studies. Just cought up with my reviews. Entered “to be violent” instead of “to act violently” for 暴れる、confused 価値 with 価値観 and entered wrong reading for 観念、but got 92% nevertheless.
Heh, and then I went and took a nap… Well, I am a cat, after all…
Anyway, I finished my lessons and taking notes on them. Also, I’ve done another review session. Once again, got 92%. The number 92 seems to follow my studies today - my first session had 92 items and on the following ones I got 92%… Coincidences can be fun :sweat_smile:
Anyway, now I’m finally going to read today’s NHK Easy News.
And so I did. I didn’t find any problems with understanding them - it’s been quite a while since I had any problems with NHK Easy News… I usually read each news two times - first I read it by myself with furigana on, then I turn off the furigana, listen to audio and read parallel to it. Also, I always check the pup-up definitions in Japanese - even for words I know the meaning of.
Ok, I think I’ll cal it a day. I’m tired and need to sleep (despite having had a nap not long ago). I’d say, studywise, today wasn’t a bad day - I was able to keep with my reviews, do the lessons, take some notes and do some reading too.


Done some reviews - again had 92 items… The percentage was higher though - 93%.
Forgot 急に、対応 and 静止、somehow confused 歌詞 with 詩歌、entered wrong reading for 機 and confused 替える with 替わる。
Afterwards, I’ve reread my notes on those items.
Oh, new news have appeared on NHK Easy News - time to read them!

Somehow I managed to read it correctly as 特別定額給付金。:sweat_smile:
Hm… It seems there were only two news today; usually, it’s three… Oh well, at least I’ve read them both without any problems :sweat_smile:
Done a few more sessions; the last one right now. Today has beenvery tiring because of job-related work, so I’m quite tired, and wasn’t paying enough attention during last session. Only 76%, and all the items I failed were the ones I know quite well, just made a lot of typos…
Had another session. Went quite well, but I keep confusing 固まる with 困る :sweat_smile:
Added some more level 57 kanji - up to, and including, 瑠。Also added some new radicals, including 留。